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The New Political Revolution in Barack Obama

November 4, 2008

worldtradecenterNot since 911 have so many Americans joined together for a common purpose with unity, Oprah beamed on ABC News. Arguably, Republicans could make the same argument, but the unity is nothing compared to the grass-roots movement that has raised up to support Barack Obama. From what this writer has heard from friends, associates, insiders and the information mined from countless emails and solicitations, the largest difference is whether the glass is seen as half-full or half-empty.

Republicans have ruminated in fear among themselves, adopting the half-empty negativity. Many Republican supporters, notably what might be considered as the moral majority, are playing the field both ways. On one side, they indicate that we must hold to our old values and “conservative Republican principles.” At the same time, many Americans mix the idea with the concept of end times, proposing that Barack Obama couldn’t possibly fulfill God’s Will.

glasshalffullDemocrats have adopted the half-full optimism with the idea that America can fill the nation’s cup to overflowing. They see in Obama the best that this nation has to offer Americans and the intent hope to make the nation better. The fact that Obama’s campaign has been so successful is an indication that many Americans have cast aside the arguments that conservative American culture often desires to cast on liberalism. More than anything, the American decision could be seen as a reaction against national political stalemate.

What the nation is really seeing is a tsunami of great proportions in direct reaction to the political stand of Republicans, mostly resulting from failed fiscal policy. Even so, Republicans do have some grand hold outs in some states. That national political tsunami is strongly enforced by the economic crisis. Barack Obama is the 44th President because enough Americans decided that the nation must change in order to continue to survive, even for the short-term. Whether this decision is right or somehow wrong is truly irrelevant because of the perception that change is now mandatory and decisive.

The reality of national change is in the air. Not everyone cares for that change. The country is in a politically delicate state during the political transition. Great efforts need to be made to protect the President-elect. during the transition. ~ E. Manning

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