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President-Elect Reviewing Bush Administration

November 9, 2008

transitional-changegovIn an interesting and decisive move, President-elect Obama and his transitional team have collected and are reviewing every Bush administration executive order. Barack Obama’s team is reviewing all of the executive orders now and is deciding which will be kept, eliminated or modified when he takes office. This review allows for the Obama administration to get on the right footing without fighting policy enacted before he took office without the benefit of review by Congress.

Happily, under review is every agency expansion undertaken during the last administration, an administration that has instituted more government growth without evaluation in recent history. Because of the economic crisis, Team Obama has decided to work quickly so that they are ready when the new administration hits the ground running on inauguration day in January. It should be reassuring that the new administration isn’t wasting a moment reviewing changes that need to be made, realizing the government efficiency and management has been increasingly lax over the last several terms.

Considering how President-elect Obama delegated and operated his campaign, Americans can expect a model of efficiency. Turning the federal government into an efficient machine is major operation that seems beyond the realm of possibility. Is it possible if Americans demand it or has Obama risen to the challenge? Americans are looking for a high level of accountability in government with the hope that President Obama can supply the drive to reorganize a government that become quite disorganized and self-serving as well.

change-has-come-to-americaIn keeping with his modern approach to government, the Obama administration has opened as a place where supporters can share ideas, apply for employment and see more clearly what is going on in the new Presidential organizational movement. The administration and transitional team even has an ethical code of conduct. One of the rarely used tools for the administration of public policy lies in the power of executive orders. President Obama is apparently prepared to make sweeping changes upon his inauguration. What changes will be made are still under examination.

The same fear that freedom loving Americans have had concerning the questionable executive orders of the Bush administration will undoubtedly be cast upon the Obama administration. Conservative Republicans are likely to be highly suspicious and possibly raucous over sanctioned airwaves.

The new president is expected to lift a rule barring international family planning groups that receive U.S. aid from counseling women about the availability of abortion. Hopefully, the Obama administration will not simply reverse previous policies without considering the overarching need. Does this nation need to be funding foreign counseling and family planning during a time of national financial crisis? Hopefully, saner heads will rule this time.

A minority have expressed concern about advancing “the Democrats far left Agenda merely by putting into place new environmental regulations that need only be posted in the Federal register for 30 days. Most Americans will not know about those new regulations or executive orders until they cause massive.” While anything can be argued, this scenario is highly unlikely due the mandate of the administration and the transparency that has been promised. The administration is being quite open with the way they are handling matters, unlike previous administrations. Happily, this writer will be on hand to see how it all transpires and whether the national trust has been well placed. I encourage everyone to deal with reality rather than panic and fear. The reality of the economic and government situation is bad enough as it is right now without adding fiction to the crisis. Ready or not, change is on the way.

~ E. Manning

Obama and American Jobs (Economy)

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