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New World Order in the Political Wings

November 11, 2008

Based on the recent political rumblings, globalization is about to become the New Deal.

Talk and conjecture about a new world order is nothing new. The Bible even discusses it in Revelation. Barack Obama has cast some vague references to it. A collection of EU leaders, notably France’s Nicolaus Sarkosy, have risen to the challenge with the intent of a radical overhaul so that modern banking will never endure a global collapse because of banker greed and neglect coupled with ineffective policies.

sprinkles signal desire for renewal

sprinkles signal desire for renewal

Britain’s Prime Minister revived the issue in a recent speech honoring the Lord Mayor in London on Monday. Back in January of 2007, then Chancellor Brown spoke of the need for a “new world order” to deal with future security and environmental challenges. However, the global recession has built in a platform for Prime Minister in which he champions a stronger and more just world order, bolstered by a newly redesigned monetary system.

Brown supports a Bretton Woods monetary correction for the global financial system, featuring a renewed International Monetary Fund designed to act as a an early-warning system for financial problems. “We can seize the moment and in doing so build a truly global society.”

Even though George Bush and Barack Obama have avoided direct reference to a new world order in most cases, Gordon Brown implies that the United States is actually leading the effort and that Britain will stand firmly behind the new global outreach. Unlike our European Union cousins, the Bush administration has been quite restrained in any support for radical change.

The truth of the matter remains that the Bush administration is a lame duck with President Obama coming into the picture on January 20th. The current administration may resist the inclination to move with the EU, but the Obama administration is less likely to be so restrained as a form of global governance comes to the fore. For example, the Obama campaign resounded more of the energy policies and climate change policies promoted by the EU. However, even John McCain was perhaps one of the more liberal Republicans, promoting many of the same tactics, including carbon-friendly economic tactics like cap and trade legislation.

The real war in place right now is for the hearts and minds of Americans and the world as many leaders seek to unite the world on a global economic and governmental plane of thought. Has American tacitly accepted the new world order by electing Barack Obama or was this move already in the cards with either party? What is wrong with a global order of governance with new protections for global citizens? Is the talk of a new world order little more than a pleasant distraction from the economic gloom forced upon the globe? Can the world spend itself into new global prosperity? Is global governance a threat to national sovereignty?

This writer will be happy to take your comments and feedback while we wait for the upcoming conference this weekend in Washington, D.C. ~ E. Manning

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  1. spk permalink
    November 12, 2008 10:25 am

    Much as you love The American Way, there are a lot of things that work in other countries that may be worth considering.

    Certainly with the financial problems caused globaly and the ways tried to fix the meltdown in America, it would seem better to have a Worldwide strategy in place. This would probably involve some sort of organisation to implement that.

  2. star45 permalink
    November 11, 2008 7:00 pm

    Barack is a man with a profound vision and character and understands that he’s going to inherit a extremely corrupt Government at War in two different Countries, an economy about to collapse, a Nation crumbling infrastructure and a very powerful opposing Republican Party that he’s going to have to deal with head on. He has to incorporate comprehensive plan to deal with every issue and is not going to easy, and I doubt Far Right Republicans are willing to cooperate to get us out of this mess. I have to point out that a fundamental part of his plan is a priority on Education and the balance of technology in our Society, an idea that contradicts a chance for the Republican Party getting back in Office.

    “The fundamentals of our economy are corrupt, and we have our Congress an Senate to thank for”

    Is is hard not to think that the Democrat Party has been dealt a bad hand, the Congress and Senate have run this country like a Casino as we just placed our latest bet of $150,000,000,000 on AIG. Our health care system does not work, the new Administration will have to take a good look at other Health Care models like in Japan, England or Canada, with the risk of being labeled “Socialist”, but that is not the issue, the idea is to implement practices that work, that are less expensive and for the interest of the American People. And last I’ve seen a lot of politician in my time and Baracks ideology is above any recent politician, and you have to admit he has inspired millions around this Country and all over the World.

    “Inspiration leads to achievement and prosperity. Greed and corruption will lead this Nation to misery, if we’re not there already”.

    I always wonder, what John Lennon would say about the situation we’re in?

    Star45 – Hollywood, CA

  3. star45 permalink
    November 11, 2008 6:24 pm

    Corporate Corruption Against the American People

    The influence of Oil Companies on the Government is clear when you consider the ElectroMagnetic Technology to power vehicles requires no fuel and and does not pollute and has been around for over 15 years, not in very best interest of Oil Corporations, Automobile Manufacturing Corporations and our Corrupted Government. Check out this links and see for yourself. “Drill baby drill” is just absurd.

    Troy Reed Magnetic Motor is a good example of the manipulation we are under:




    This kind of corruption applies to our Health Care, our Financing System and our Housing and Education System.

    The reality is that we had the technology all along, but their plan is to create a Slave-Society, influenced by the greed of Big Corporations, not in the interest of the American People!!

    star45 – Hollywood, CA – Barack / Joe 2012


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