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The Nation’s Failing Technology

November 14, 2008

science_imageAs our economy is collapsing at a very rapid pace, it must be recognized that our technology is falling behind, compared to other nations that never abandoned the desire to develop in Science and Technology. Our priority as an evolving nation is concentrated in sports and making money by investing or trading in Wall Street. To this writer, these practices are similar to gambling and that’s how we been measuring success for decades. The reality is that there is an imbalance within our import and export practices. As a nation, we are not producing or inventing new technology. Our economy is a reflection of our progress as a nation. We’ve become a consumption society rather than a productive one.

arts, science and technology

arts, science and technology

Arts, science and technology should be priority number one of our everyday lives, with a common goal as a nation to free us from dependency on oil while emphasizing our medical research to find solutions to cure AIDS and cancer. Our Government has failed to emphasize the importance in our society to pursue scientific careers. As a result, corporations and government must contract scientists from other countries. In other words, we haven’t been paying attention and now we find ourselves with a big mountain to climb. It is imperative to close all the loopholes corporations use to get tax breaks by setting up dummy entities in other countries or by shipping jobs overseas. Just as importantly, the nation needs to clean up our health care system. Doctors believe that patients are paying the price for frivolous lawsuits that are driving up the cost of health care and negatively affecting the practice.

Barack, would you address these issues to America so that we can start pursuing a common goal as a nation?

A dark future for American automobiles?

A dark future for American automobiles?

For all investors, there are proven technologies out there that would be worth investing in. Hybrids, hydro, bio-fuels and natural gas engines to power automobiles are the most common technologies that we hear about. The only problem is that all of these technologies are based on the “‘combustion engine”, a clear emphasis that automobile technology is not on the right track. This technology, while reducing emissions, still pollutes the environment.

Electromagnetic engines do not require fuel, electrical recharging and do not pollute. There is a natural resistance by corporations in developing any technology that competes with combustion engines and the fuels that power them. I have to emphasize that the combustion engine is last century technology.

A perfect example of the electromagnetic engine is the Reed Magnetic Motor invented in the 1990’s. Energy is converted from a magnetic field to motion. This machine  could be applied to power an automobile.

There are also other promising technologies technologies like permanent magnets, radiant energy, mechanical heating, super-efficient electrolysis, implosion/vortex, cold fusion, radiant energy and cold electricity.

GM going the way of McCain?

GM going the way of McCain?

The common feature connecting all of these technologies is that they use a small amount of one form of energy to control or release a large amount of a different kind of energy. Many of these technologies tap the underlying Æther field in some way; a source of energy conveniently ignored by modern science. I believe that American Automobile Industry has followed a self-serving ideology that concentrated on exploiting the combustion engine technology to its’ limit. Now if we look back, GM has been aware of electromagnetic technology since the late 1980’s. Leadership without a vision proves the inevitable failure of this corporation. If politicians were to bail them out, it should be under a new leadership that would put into practice the latest technological developments, parting from burning fuels as a mean to power our industry.

~ Star

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