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Proposition 8: God Is Gay

November 15, 2008

Proposition 8 in California and similar legislation in Arizona and Florida are shallow attempts to again drive a legal stake through the heart of America’s social justice system. But more than that, this legislation is a dark stain on the souls of those who support such measures and who call themselves godly. Some in America are again being compelled to take on a force beyond their control. This force is morally, socially and naturally beyond the control of these resistant and yet confused non-believers. After all, it is you, the confused non-believers, who teach that we are all children of God and all made in his image. Yes, God has many faces, one of which must also certainly be gay.

american-people-outlineAny citizen standing upon American soil is entitled to their vision of a life of happiness and contentment. Although our Constitution does not speak to the influence of any particular impressions of God, the Declaration of Independence does make one applicable statement with regard to the basis for pursuing and demanding equity in searching out the American Dream.

From the beginnings of this great nation until the present time, we have struggled with understanding and accepting that which we say we as a nation as we stand for as spelled out in our founding documents. For more than two hundred years many have sought to deprive groups that they perceive to be different and a moral or social threat to their vision of the American way of life. This ranges from native Americans who were so horribly victimized, to slaves and their long and difficult road to freedom and equal treatment under the law, to women in their struggles for equality. Even the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II revealed another shameful chapter which warns of unbridled myopia. And with each social challenge we found ways to manipulate the law in an effort to deprive Americans the same rights which we claim to hold so dear. Each time examples were held up which brainwashed and frightened many into believing that a select group and their beliefs, culture or mere presence was a threat to our personal comfort, safety or social fabric.

It is already clear to me that such measures to withhold rights to Gay Americans are futile and without reasonable basis. No doubt we will eventually be presented with the legal reality of total freedom for Gay Americans as should be expected by and provided to any group or culture. This is no matter of choice with regard to lifestyle. This is only a matter of choice as it relates to granting or deprivation of rights. There is no rational need for us to attempt to decide if Gay Americans can or should subscribe to any moral or social standard other than that which they select and desire to live out. And there is no documented evidence that Gay Americans are truly a threat to our society of vast differences. Yes, this American society is one of many social, moral and religious strains and that alone is the essence and beauty of American life.

bibleI understand that our individual social conditioning or religious focuses may cloud our judgment when we are confronted with that which we may not fully understand. I do not claim to understand the gay lifestyle in full. I do have a single gay male couple that I know rather well and I have therefore had the opportunity to observe them and to discuss this matter with them at some length. But this association is not the basis for my belief that gays should be further absorbed into the American culture without legal limits. I believe this only because as American citizens they should not be singled out as undeserving of specific rights due to their sexual orientation alone. I am sure there are those who would argue that gays are at the root of some if not many social problems. Others, even less informed, contribute the spread of AIDS and other health ills to gays. There are also discussions about the negative impacts of gay couples on children and concerns about the necessity of education in this realm. All social sophistry intends to beguile the uninformed. In truth, like blacks and women and other American cultural groups, Gay Americans are not going to simply stop living their lifestyle or disappear. What’s more, such discussions of the genesis and history of these groups as they finally began to achieve legal equality will again be absorbed and understood by this nation. As with groups that have faced social challenges in the past in this country, gays will not magically be accepted by all Americans even when legislation in their support is passed. It is up to Americans to accept and acknowledge that they are just simply Americans and to find a way to peer over the horizons of our limited cultural or religious existences.

american-social-experimentThe United States of America is a very complex social experiment. It was intended to be just that. When measuring issues of freedom and individual or cultural rights it is normally not that difficult for me. Yes, I do have to remove some of the cognitive filters and view things purely through the lens of equality as intended by our founding documents. This is a good measuring stick for me. Lacking clear evidence that a person or group is not deserving of the rights that are promised to all Americans, I find no foundation for their being treated differently.

Deprivation of rights to Gay Americans is solely and exclusively a legal issue masked by social and religious fears. We in American have overcome many such social challenges in the past. But to those who would use religion of the intended will of God and your belief in God as the basis for depriving your American brethren of any measure of freedom, I would urge you to think again.

God is not just visible in a marvelous sunrise or the birth of a child. God is not only what you see in the mirror or what you see when you look into a crowd of thousands. God is also what you see when you look across a nation.

What is it that you and so many lofty politicians are so fond of saying lately? God bless America???

God is also gay.

L. A. Walker, © Leon A. Walker

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  1. Wendy Markby permalink
    December 5, 2008 2:44 am

    Dear Mr Walker, It was with much delight that I read this article you wrote , Proposition 8: God is Gay
    Being the proud mother of an 18 year old daughter (who also happens to be a lesbian), I have been raised to believe that we are all equal in God’s eyes. I can see no benefit to this legistlation. Australia often follows in the footsteps of America and I feel that sometimes this is a good thing. Much the same as an older sibling sets an example for a younger one. However, on this particular occassion I hope that this will be an exception. Thank you for your insightful and informative article.
    Sincerely, Wendy Markby

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