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Millions of Retirees Threatened by Medicare and Unapproved Drugs

November 24, 2008

unapproved-drugsMedicare is not taking measures to protect its cache of dependent low-income American retirees. According to the Associated Press, the dangerous medications date back decades, before the Food and Drug Administration tightened its review of drugs in the early 1960s. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration claims that “it is trying to squeeze these drugs from the marketplace,” presumably as large numbers of deaths occur.

Sometimes, the medications do not help patients. In other cases, the FDA says, they have made people sicker, maybe even killed them. The unapproved drugs are fully entrenched into the American health care system.

Current federal law allows the Medicaid health program for low-income people to pay for these unapproved drugs as if the drugs were approved. What is worse, the unapproved drug list is not generally known and is not being revealed to the public so that retirees can protect themselves.

unapproved-drugs2 Medicaid officials acknowledge the unapproved drug issue, but say help is required from Congress to fix the debacle. The FDA and Medicaid are part of the Health and Human Services Department, but the FDA has yet to compile a master list of unapproved drugs. Meanwhile, Medicaid continues to pay like a slot machine for drugs that are dangerous to seniors.

Clearly, Congress has been sleeping on yet another matter of great importance to America that maintains the safety of the American medical system. Yet, everyone is standing around with their hands in their pockets. The FDA, once again, is not doing its job. You could also be impacted by these drugs on your current pharmacy plan as the debacle is not limited to Medicare and Medicaid. It sounds as though the nation needs a few well-placed calls to lawmakers to charge them into action. Lives are at stake. ~ E.Manning

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