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Mexican-U.S. Drug Crisis Expands

January 13, 2009

drug-useBoth the U.S. and Mexico claim to be battling with spiraling drug murders and economic crisis. More and more, professionally-organized drug activity continues and expands in major American cities and rural areas as the reach of Mexican drugs overtakes the United States. With the drug wars and economic crisis on his mind, Felipe Calderon has made the traditional leadership pilgrimage to the upcoming presidential power of the United States, Barack Obama.

Calderon is fearful of changes to NAFTA as a result of the drug trade and because of economic concerns. Calderon is fearful of punitive action or what he sees as continued neglect on the part of the U.S. and continued emphasis on U.S. sovereign border control.

Calderon is also fearful of destabilizing actions on the part of the drug cartels in Mexico combined with the continued erosion of finances entering his country from the United States. With continued economic contraction in Mexico, Calderon is fearful of a loss of power and the continued expansion and control by drug lords.

The feeling of many is that the U.S. is not realizing the root cause of the problem, which is often mistaken as poverty rather than opportunity. The drug trade is established capitalism. Yet, the solution is always seen as more money rather than dealing with the addictions of society on all levels. Drug violence and influence is increasing to terrorism levels because of internal competition and the need to supply. The supply of drugs is fueled by demand, not speculation and investor money. This reality is that the same functions that have ruled corporate business and the recent resulting economic fallout in America now rule the drug cartel economy and its ascension to power and rising influence in the United States.  That is power, money and the illusion of power to those of you that haven’t thought much about it.

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