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Obama: An Age of Patriotism and a New World

January 23, 2009

obama-clapsNot more than a year ago, Barack Obama was being painted by some McCarthy-esque drum-beaters as an unpatriotic, terrorist-leaning, socialist candidate with values that had no place in American life.  Some are see the worst in Obama and Democratic politics. Yet, Barack Obama mania has swept through the country with a fervor that America has not seen in quite some time.

In the inaugural celebrations, millions have enthusiastically flocked to Washington D.C. to celebrate the change in history and new era ideals that politicos claim Obama holds. Hundred of thousands sang along with labor activist folk singer Pete Seeger, a black listed candidate from the ancient past. Vietnam War activists circulated freely among the throngs in celebration.  How the mood of the nation has changed in sixty years.

patriotic overflow

patriotic overflow

Barack Obama has struck a chord in the nation. He has voiced that a commitment to ideals, cause and purpose outside of self, even sacrifice: a word that might have had millions throwing stones and wild derision a decade ago. A global economic crisis, recent public lessons learned from the crash of Wall Street and the wild mismanagement of capitalism has caused a nation formerly ruled by the ‘me generation’ to celebrate a new attitude and direction, if even for a season.

obama-visionThe press has heralded the rise of a new national patriotism or perhaps the same old patriotism. It is not politics that makes Barack Obama or the new era movement different. The platform of the Democratic Party isn’t the true victor here, but a sideline to Obama. The charisma of Barack Obama has captured the imagination. What America has grasped is idealistic: unity with hope, optimism and a healthy dose of tolerance and concern for fellow Americans that feel much the same way. What Barack Obama holds for America is a leadership vision: a notion that hasn’t been touched on at all since Ronald Reagan with the mild exception of some early theatrics by the Clinton administration. Even those movements did not capture the national attention and level of fervor that we have seen as of late.

Barack Obama has vision: something that the nation can find to be proud of and a relief from shameful political notions of the past. Obama cares about people and is making moves in that direction: putting an end to torture, needless, unproductive war and the global persecution of people for political purposes. He pledges to restore the nation as a moral leader that cares about human rights, freedom and opportunity for all, especially within this nation. Even his bloodline represents unity among hurting peoples that separated themselves for centuries.

obama-family-new-eraMany see America as changed for the better forever even though true change is often a challenging and difficult process. The good news is that the nation is more united than it was: a good base to build on. What is clear is that the general populace has caught the vision of its’ national leader. America is willing to agree that even though Americans are suffering mightily now with an abused and weakened economy because of greed and corruption, that the nation will be prosperous again. Obama has caught the singular inspiration of the nation. Flags may be waving, but the flag waving isn’t about mere patriotism, but about vision for a new future coupled with the willingness and ability to achieve that vision. Many Americans have come to resist the arrogance and failures of the past. They have come to accept a new confidence for the future. This new vision involves fellow feeling and concern for others combined with principles that have long been admired. Whether that vision lasts depends on the leadership that has inspired the nation to be better than the sum of its past. ~ E. Manning

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  1. chocolate permalink
    January 23, 2009 10:19 am

    I want to say to him Keep it up!
    and I wish him good luck.

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