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Unemployment, Child Support and Federal Terrorism

February 8, 2009

E.J. Manning

“Only 4% of non-custodial parents whose earnings drop by more than 15% are able to get a reduction in support payments.” (Elaine Sorenson, “A Little Help for Some ‘Deadbeat’ Dads,” Washington Post, 11/15/95, p. A25.)

Nothing has changed regarding reductions in child support since 1995, but the hold of invasive government methods has. Yet Bradley Amendment tracking, record-keeping and enforcement was hardly a problem to the majority of the American populace before the second term of the Clinton administration. Technology and its crushing grip had not come to full bear where the Bradley Amendment was concerned. That has changed. Computers, invasive privacy procedures and the attitude of law enforcement has created a new way of life for untold millions of men and a few women. The prospect of unemployment, chronic underemployment and homelessness is an increasing fate for an increasing millions of American men and women during this economic downturn with or without Bradley Law.  The Bradley Amendment makes economic recovery for its’ victims almost impossible.

illegal-court-enforcementThe Bradley Amendment has created a zero tolerance or mandatory measure for non-custodial parents, even in a depressed economy. The Bradley Amendment dictates that is is impossible for any judge to ever reduce or remove child support arrears accumulated for any reason. Most states will not voluntarily reduce child support during terms of unemployment or underemployment to match with income. To make matters worse, unemployment benefits and underemployed parents are tapped up to 65% of income for judicially declared child support without reprieve or remorse. The system is unrelenting. The reality remains that few non-custodial parents are able to get simple legal assistance or the cooperation required to reduce child support during a life crisis, resulting in a permanent catch-22 for millions of American citizens who mostly happen to be men.

judicial arrestThere is no effective way out for non-custodial parents, so one of the effective costs of child support enforcement and Bradley Law include 5,000 additional suicides yearly and 100,000 additional men in jail at any given time. This results in additional unemployment during good economic times and is likely to increase dramatically during bad economic times with little hope for a new legal underclass of American. Otherwise responsible dads are driven further from their children during a time when ‘responsible fatherhood laws‘ encourage fathers to stay involved with their children by advertising on billboards. The Bradley Amendment has created a new nation, but not for the better. Instead, we have created  a nation of quiet and unrelenting unconstitutional terror and despair. The law enforcement that claims to protect us has become an instrument of terrorism. ~ E. Manning

find out more about the federal Bradley Amendment

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  1. totally hosed permalink
    October 19, 2011 7:12 pm

    I am also weighing my options. My ex girlfriend cheated on me, then left me when I couldn’t pay her bills anymore (she refused to work). Her parting gift was to stop taking birth control, get pregnant, and tell me “we aren’t going to be partners, we are going to be coparents.”

    I had zero choice in any of it, but last week I got a letter from the state she moved off too stating I owe her $7000 and $900+/month, get zero custody, and if I can ever afford to travel to meet my child, it will be supervised visits only.

    I live check to check – where is this money supposed to be coming from? She lives took my child across the country. I told her I didn’t want children from the moment we started dating… She gets to pick my life because she can stop taking birth control, lie and cheat? My role as an American male is now to be a familyless piggy bank. For what? For loving my ex and trusting her not to ruin my life?

    America has become a breeding ground of deception and corruption, in relationships as well. Hundreds of feminists, most of them secured as government workers and judges, would lear at you, exclaiming how you didn’t keep your business to yourself, but that still doesn’t address the national assault on the family or on marginalizing people, like ‘ex-parents,’ nor does it address the conduct of people in a broken society. ~ E.M.

  2. FreedomHaawk permalink
    March 30, 2011 10:39 am

    The Child Support System is State Terrorism. Why do corporation get bailout and can file for bankruptcy, however Noncustodial parents cannot, due to Bradley Amendment!

    State sponsored Terrorism!!!!!

  3. David permalink
    June 1, 2010 3:59 pm

    I went into a long term treatment center almost 20 years ago with the hope of getting my life together. During this time I was payed approximately 4.00 a week, enough to go to the store for a slurpy at the local convience store. After over 6 months in rehab I entered the Job search portion where I was supposed to secure employment and housing. I was so excited, I had managed to get off drugs, I had complted one of the most difficult rehabilitation programs in the country, I was about to get my first real job in my life, find a home and be a good father. This is when the letter came, I went into the office getting ready for job search and a counsoler handed me a letter, it was from michigan child support. While I had been in rehab they held a child support hearing and the Judge had set my child support at the state maximum for both my children. I owed well over $10,000.00 at 10% interest, they had placed a warrant out for my arrest, and I was to be making support payments set at the maximum allowable rate for both my children. They destroyed any hopes I ever had. I tried to reason with them but it made no difference. I have been forced at some points to survive on $350.00 a month, my passport was taken, I have been denied any due process, I am a hostage, my hope, my family, my rights have all been taken and I was never even allowed to fight it or defend myself. This country has denied my rights, and on top of that they even seized my passport so I cannot escape. Every time I hear about someone going on a trip, getting an apartment or a home, spending time with there family, every time I hear the word freedom, justice, see a flag or a picture of the constitution I cannot help but get angry because I know for millions of us their is no hope, no family, no home, no justice, no rights. I go to church and I pray to God but it does not help, I see others talk about how God has set them free. But I leave knowing I am not. I have been a hostage of an unjust, unconstitutional government for almost 20 years. I just recently learned it was the bradley amendment 666 that did this to me am my family, how appropriat, at least it is labled honestly. I used to really admire the Clintons, and I used to really love the American dream but the truth is evident, it is a lie. Freedom is a lie, justice is a lie, the constitution is a lie, and the people in our government are liers, resposable for suffering and destruction beond comprehension. If I was in another Country at least I might be given the respect of being told I had no rights, but what really gets to me is they try to tell us we are free when we are not, the least they could do is admit they are evil that I could respect to some degree.

  4. May 12, 2010 1:47 pm

    Well I have decided, that’s a bit harsh. Its now 2010, and the gov is falling apart. State Budgets all over the nation, can’t handle the load of CSED and the Bradley Amendment.
    If you want to help shut down the welfare state, quit your job and apply for Welfare, use every service you can of your state, break the bank, save your country. I take back the Killing myself part, I realize now…..They will cave in on themselves, because now with Health Care reform , everybody gets to see what it feels like!! There is no freedom in this country and REM this….they use good causes to take your Liberty and Rights!

  5. Elaine permalink
    May 12, 2010 5:08 am

    Those of you who have come up with the idea of a class action lawsuit may be on the right track. The only way things are going to change is when several people work together to make a difference. I’m a mother who owes child support, so the shoe is on the other foot for me. My ex abused me, then took my children only after I had fought to the point of losing my house car and job, leaving me unable to pay child support which the court ordered anyway. I’m constantly one step away from jail now, and he enjoys it.

  6. Amy permalink
    March 1, 2010 2:40 pm

    Let me just say that I am a woman, and I think child support in America is a bust. I know a man who pays child support. He lost his job this past year and the child support office did not care. They look at all men like they are deadbeat dads, when in fact, it is the moms a lot of times that are given the right to take advantage of the system. They get to claim head of household, claim all the children, dictate what goes on in the lives of the child, and the man only gets to give his hard earned money to the woman. For what? Because she had his child and she doesn’t want to work. This is ridiculous. The man that I know tried to get his child support reduced while he was unemployed. It took them 6 months to change it even though he turned in all of his required paperwork. Now, because of this, he owes $4000 in back child support. They only changed it after he got another job making minimum wage. But let me just say that it was not immediate. He had to pay out the butt every month until they lowered it. Now, his income tax is going to be intercepted by the government, to give this woman even more money. She will not even buy the child a coat for winter with it! Our child support system is jacked, and there is no way that I would do this to any man, but a lot of women do take advantage of this system. Everybody just keeps turning their heads the other way because they look at the woman like she is a victim. It is not the “Single mom”(hate this term) that is the victim. It is the child, who does not receive the support, and the dad who hardly gets to see his child, but yet has to pay more money than the mom ever even thought about making on her own. There is a site that I was looking at where a woman had gone on there to ask a question about whether she would get her ex’s income tax or not. When the answer was “yes”, her response was “lol! That makes me want to go out and have more kids so I can get more child support.” If that doesn’t tell you something, then I don’t know what will.

    • myshel permalink
      April 21, 2011 4:13 pm

      i agree exactly with you. My husband just recently lost his job and his unemployment doesn’t even pay for half of our house payment and then out of that he is suspose to pay her child support too. While she sits on public aid for the last 12 yrs, no job, dragging her kids from place to place to whoever will let her stay for free but the courts don’t care that she can’t support the kids at all. They just put all dads in the category of deadbeat and screw them all. My husband does everything for his son. Even when he lived with us most of the time when he was little my husband still paid her child support. Plus all medical bills and school and everything. We have a court date to try and lower his support but i really don’t know if they will. He has no prior arrears or owes her anything. I just hope the judge will listen to reason and see the numbers and how we need to be able to live also. We have 2 kids of our own here. Stupid system thought up by stupid people and run by stupid people.

  7. ericnagy permalink
    February 7, 2010 1:29 pm

    the courts get 600 a month from my x who cheated on me, she tacked and cut me up ,abuses my son then went to family court they transferred me to supreme domestic violence court her charges were dropped my son sustained 3 major injuries to his face,eye ,neck with all the school ,witnesses police etc report the acs cout and judge dismissed it even with contract violations the judge and agencies are rcist ,bais i wnet to every official and ever agency i dont get help. im just making it in nyc. men cant be reconizied for domestic violence ,food stamps etc so i have to wait to he dies to get help or get hurt they say there accidents ,she has to different addresses ,she works,has her man working on off books gets help from the city i cant get shit ,i cant see my son every weekend i get to see him every other weekend ,holidays birthdays etc,i cant get a full or jiont custody shit i dont have any criminal record and been a union ,community organizer there days i rather not wake up im tired seeing my son suffer and non one gives a shit theres no justice the lawyers dont care the closed down again the shared parenting bill here in nyc. no matter how much we want to be with our children it wont happen unless there is a uprise against this system and everyone nation wide says were not payng child support ,file class action suits etc something needs to give how i am a father fighting for my son and he still having marks and they cant do shit.

    This is just one more proof that you can’t legislate morality. The courts certainly aren’t. So what are we going to do besides giving the gov’t permission to keep doing the same old things? – E.M.

  8. Remorhaz permalink
    October 20, 2009 2:23 am

    I left the country. My c**t ex wife got my clearance yanked and I lost my job. Without the clearance my income dropped 40% but of course the massive alimony and child support remained in fact they were actively working to increase it when I just – left. I figure I had three choices with two different endings.

    1. I go to jail for basically the rest of my life as I could never catch up with the court ordered rapine.

    2. I kill her. At least this way I go to jail for a real reason and I would likely get out sooner. The dead don’t collect alimony or child support so no debtors prison at least. 20 years and freedom.

    3. I leave. I take my chances that I can hopefully nab a second citizenship before 10 years is up (when the passport expires and the slave has to return to Massa’s cotton field).

    I chose number 3. If it doesn’t work eventually i’ll choose number 2. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

  9. October 12, 2009 1:43 am

    I am trying to keep my head up and I am making a blog, that maybe my kids will read when they come get me. I am disabled and between the bradley amendment and they new Fines and taxes for health ins….I don’t see anyway for me, to survive, how can they do all of this and people just let it happen????

  10. An abused father permalink
    October 11, 2009 2:17 am

    I want to die

    • An abused father permalink
      October 11, 2009 2:19 am

      I want to die, to be an abused father who is taken advatange of and his kids though they beg to stay with me and tell their mother to her face, “I’d rather have another mother and your not my mother”

      The Judge quotes Biology and preaches Biology, all my income is taken I am going to lose myself and leavy the country

      • Abused too permalink
        April 25, 2012 6:13 am

        I feel your pain. 14 years without seeing my daughter, even a letter or anything. The power goes to the abuser.

  11. paul j stein permalink
    August 25, 2009 10:30 pm

    Lets do a Constitutional challange to this law and make it a class action lawsuit with retroactive calculations. The judges want to keep their jobs and keep the flow of new law breaking american citizens coming through the courthouse doors. Too large has the justice system grown and is now manufacturing crimes to feed it’s need.

  12. Russ Distine permalink
    June 3, 2009 4:33 pm

    The whole child support system from start to finish is invasive, destructive and unconstitutional. The Court
    makes the all the decisions. They even make things up as they go along. An example of this is earning capacity.
    Which is simply paper wealth that does not exist. Everything and anything they can do to criminalize
    an adult. The Courts want people to jump through
    hoops even if there are no hoops to jump through.
    They have become bullies. They have suspended the
    constitution in order to criminalize as many adults as
    possible. Even when people have lost their houses,
    jobs and benefits. The calus of 225, 000 dollar a
    year family court Judges is incredible when they
    put an adult in jail because he or she can not find
    work. In economic crisis where unemployment is
    15.8% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U6). It’s probably higher.

  13. February 26, 2009 4:53 am

    I plan to kill myself when they come for me, so my kids will get SSI and I won’t have to sit in jail…..or simply just wait and retire in jail… way or another I pray this country falls apart. thats my truth.

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