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Salvation, Poverty and Sacrifice in America

February 15, 2009

E.J. Manning

food-shortageAmericans are notorious for listening to political wisdom that heralds the wealth of this nation, while espousing the global grip of poverty, food riots and economic unrest elsewhere. Yet, official statistics tell Americans that 37 million people of 305 million live in what the U.S. government declares as poverty. To you and me, a mere 13% of the American population lives in poverty. Perhaps the nation should be proud of great success. Isn’t that 13% of America just a load of deadbeats that live off the welfare state? What about 21% of the American population nationally that are living off the State through disability? Why should we care about the plight of ‘poverty-stricken freeloaders’? What is poverty anyway? Why should you care about anyone else? Those are questions that every American must ask.

rescue mission

rescue mission

The fact is that the government uses an absurdly low cost of living to establish the definition of poverty. A family of four is considered to be living in poverty if annual cash income is below $18,810, based on U.S. government guidelines. That threshold falls to about $14,680 for a family of three, $12,015 for a couple and $9,393 for an individual. Wages are stagnant. Expenses are not. Multitudes of families struggle to get by on $40,000 annually with both parents working. False expectations don’t help matters any more than deception and lies. Encouraging immigrants, legal or otherwise, to enter the country to exploit undermines the economy we pretend to bolster. Don’t kid yourself. Motivation matters.

homeless-childrenThe children rights lobby loves the statistics that empower them, announcing that over one-fifth of all U.S. children are living in poverty. The hysteria remains that we must save the children. U.S. policies regarding welfare reform, minimum wage legislation, social security and child support legislation have proved to be ineffective in protecting children from poverty. Why? Politics has failed to protect the American population of adults from exploitation, only serving to exploit any family model for political purposes. As the nation enters into devastating economic blight after years of heady profit taking by Wall Street and Multinational Corporations, the United States leads 16 developed countries in measurable child poverty. The poverty of adults is commonly accepted as poetic justice. That same poetic justice is the cause for all poverty in otherwise respectable people.

credit-house-of-cardsAfter years of proclaimed economic prosperity based on national credit and borrowing from central bankers, the nation is plunging full force into the shackles of poverty and economic slavery, which is politically and realistically tied to a lack of health care on any level. Health care has been a political pet for years. Now that times are tough, government health care is likely just a turn of the corner. In fact, President Obama has declared that every American will have medical insurance in a debate that has raged for twenty years. The nation is poised for it.

greed-is-good-2President Obama has also declared that Americans will have  to accept sacrifice. This has been readily accepted by most Americans, after sacrificing generations of a formerly affluent lifestyle on the altar of Wall Street and Multinational Corporate America. Technology has allowed a preponderance of technological creature comforts from electricity, the worldwide web to widespread air conditioning. We mistakenly assume these changes as evidence of profuse wealth. From the moment the nation whole-heartedly embraced trickle down economics vis-à-vis Corporate America and politics, the nation became firmly entrenched in economic servitude to someone else on someone elses’ terms with declining terms of freedom in the name of liberty.

corporate-blockheadWe have abandoned the future of self in the name of ‘me-ism‘, failing to look after our own needs for the future in favor of the moment, while entrusting the future to the experts. Americans have sought to empower themselves through every nature of institution. That is and remains the problem that the American people find themselves in. They don’t know who they are. They have been aimless and without purpose. Surely solidarity of cause will save us. Many Americans are looking at President Obama to save them. Perhaps the Congress will wise up.  Perhaps Congress will save us. Perhaps politics will fix tax law so that Americans can live or achieve relative prosperity without financial oppression. Perhaps we can save ourselves. Perhaps we can live in a perfect New World Order that globalists long for. Perhaps globalists can save us. Perhaps most Americans should be looking to the God that they claim to serve. Our plight certainly isn’t the fault of anyone else. We are easily distracted, destroyed by our own godhood. We have been deceived and are being destroyed for the lack of knowledge and accountability. ~ E. Manning

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  1. February 15, 2009 6:12 pm

    This dogma you so thoroughly describe is altruism. We have been instructed as a nation that it is better to give than recieve, that giving brings moral redemption in this life and the after life. Altruism is a malignant tumor that sanctions the productive citizens of a society to a life of servitude for those who are “needy”, that somehow the needy have a moral claim to your productivity because it is your duty to provide for their well being. Altruism places virtue on the destitute, while demonizing those of ability as selfish, for pursuing their own vested self interest in a free society. Our government has collectivised men of ability and sanctioned them as sacrificial animals to be eaten at the behest of the poor, the downtrodden, the virtuous impoverished. This is the hoax our government has skillfully executed while simultaneously lining their pockets with gold extorted under this false assumption of duty. Government can only sanction the victims for so long, we the men of prosperity are a finite ever dwindling commodity, when there are no more victims, altruism will reach it’s highest moral goal: Socialism.

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