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Republican Politics: The Elephant in the Room

March 5, 2009

tntalk-leon-walker-internetTNTalk! America. © 2009 by Leon A. Walker

The threats, fabrications and allegations flowing from the tattered remains of what was once the Republican political party are making many Democrats very uncomfortable. This is not because we feel any significant concern, or acknowledge any truth within the angry rhetoric being hurled at us of late. The truth is far more simplistic than that. We know that the elephant in the room is dead. The stench from the rotting carcass has us reeling with convulsing nausea.

political-infightingAs Americans we have been conditioned to appreciate a two party system as the foundation of political balance and fairness, a competitive system which provided our voting citizens with ideological options and political goals which in their substance were both rational and practical if reasonably applied. This setup made sense and could yield beneficial results for the nation. Clearly there would be differences between the parties which would cause consternation and disagreement.

In recent years there has been growing concern that the nation’s politics have become tainted by many factors ranging from religion as a basis for law to corporate graft and greed. None of us could have predicted that the magnitude of the problems cultivated and nurtured by the GOP could have generated such a devastating political, social and economic storm across this country.

The storm continues to rage and now many of those who created that storm, politicians and pundits, are now holding themselves up as passionate and patriotic experts on how to assess and develop a path for the future of the nation they claim to love. The problem with that is obviously one of credibility. But more than that, the credibility crisis is a problem of social and political advancement combined with the developing eradication of conservative values.

Sometimes answers to questions are readily apparent. Let’s say that a family decides that their favorite recipe for cheese grits is so fantastic that they want to go into business selling them. When they are later faced with the reality that nobody wants to buy their wonderful grits, they refuse to believe that their business concept is flawed. They refuse to believe that there are better or more affordable cheese grits available that grits lovers of the world enjoy more. Perhaps people beyond the realm of their existence don’t really eat a lot of grits. Maybe other brands of cherished cheese grits are simply packaged or presented in a more attractive way. Still, the narrowly focused ‘would be’ barons and baroness’ of cheese grits continue in their misguided endeavor until the business collapses.

limbaugh-cheese-gritsThis base example describes the blinding myopia that has spurred the demise of the Republican Party. Now that their business has failed, they are embarrassed, but seeking to blame the masses as unable to appreciate the wonderful product that only they have the ability to bring to market. They are pointing fingers within their ranks and convinced of their products viability, they actually discuss the merits of a marketing campaign to launch their reentry into the ‘cheese grits industry’. This is what Americans are being forced to listen to from the right-wing political machine.

Sometimes events take place that are so sweeping in their total impact that they are overwhelming as well as unexpected. The tsunami is so intense that explanations are difficult to come by. Perhaps the sweeping impact and social attitudinal changes are difficult to fully accept when one remains in a rigid ideological fortress.

vulture-circles-real-estateIt is clear to me that our new President and his administration represent a vivid departure from that which this nation has been accustomed to. It is also clear to me that many Americans never in a million years believe that this nation would arrive at this place at this time. It was stunning when President Obama was elected, but not because he wasn’t worthy. It was shocking to those who supported him. It was a sharp blow to the psyche of those who opposed him. The supporters of this new direction for our nation were hopeful, yet doubtful of our ability to bring about such a broad coalition of voters in this endeavor. Because there was no clear litmus test, it has been difficult to quantify or identify if the many issues and concerns that the nation faced or progressive social advancement stemmed the tide of traditional electoral politics of the past election.

obamas-clean-sweepThe results signaled a sweeping change of direction called for at both the legislative and executive levels. The opposition was and remains fearful of both our new President, his administration and the millions of Americans who have shunned the traditional political tactics and the rustic tools of government which have divided the nation and generated wide ranging problems and desperate conditions. Through the rhetoric of the current day, it is obvious that they are continuing to promote a broad-based campaign of fear among their dwindling base of supporters as though they have yet to realize the negative impact of this self destructive mindset. The uncertain leadership of the GOP is still hoping to sell more of the same…and now very stale cheese grits.

printing-moneyPolitics is often only a flash of real life issues as presented by self- serving traditionalists. The average American does not cling to every word or catch phrase of the right or left wing pundit or politician. Reality resides within the hearts and homes of American citizens. In the home and heart is often where Americans find their ideological basis. They realize that their peace of mind, livelihood and lifestyle is insecure. When any people lack comfort in their welfare and that of their families, they lay blame at the feet of those who are or who have been in control. The reality does not require complex political analysis. This is the lens through which many view their lives and associated challenges as they are confronted with the truth of life. When the people are dissatisfied, they go to the polls and make that clear through the vote. They don’t want to hear excuses, stale social commentary or restated party ideals that rest in failed policy. They want to be secure and comfortable. They want to know that government is not contributing needlessly in their struggle to survive and prosper.

Fortunately, the vast majority of Americans are supportive of the initiatives that the new administration has presented. Americans understand that “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Most people certainly understand that to do nothing but criticize and resist any cooperative efforts in legislative problem solving is not beneficial to the national condition.

the new deal

the new deal

I do not know if our Republican governmental leadership is actually hoping that the current President fails in his efforts to restore this nation to economic health or his ability to prevail in the geopolitical contests with which we as a nation are facing. It does appear however, that the GOP is more hopeful that there are stumbles made by the current administration that they can hold up as political examples of flawed policy to justify their own failures. Without question, the GOP is more focused on spinning tales of disaster than they are on repairing their abysmal image and restoring any measure of credibility to their party politics.


The elephant is definitely still in the room. That GOP elephant is as dead as a door nail and worst of all… it’s really stinking up the place. ~ Leon Walker

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  1. alexhiggins732 permalink
    October 29, 2009 5:41 am

    Regardless of who Chris Daggett hurts, Daggett is not a spoiler and he can win.

    Daggett has broken 20 percent and can win. The Washington Post says at 20% there is a path for Daggett to win and political analysts say with 25% in the polls Daggett can win.

    Now its a matter of getting that last 100,000 votes to get Daggett in a position to win.

    To do that we are reaching out to voters that want to Vote for Daggett but are afraid a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote. So…

    The I’ll vote for Daggett Pledge:

    “I want to vote for Chris Daggett, but only if he has a real chance of winning. He needs pledges from 100,000 people like me. I don’t want to wait til Election Day to find out that those votes existed, but we were all afraid to cast them. So, I’m signing my name below, with my address to prove that I’m real, and pledging that if 100,000 people like me sign up, I will vote for Daggett.”

    Click Here To Take the I’ll Vote For Daggett Pledge

    Spread the word about this pledge, so we can bring an end to politics as usual.

    The broken and corrupt two party system threatens us all, event if we are not from NJ. Take a stand.

  2. March 20, 2009 10:29 pm

    Mr. Walker has hit upon something most important.Americans want to feel secure and have faith that our leaders are doing what is best for it’s citizens.Yes,we turn to the polls in an attempt to make change based upon our dis-satisfaction with our political climate.We become tired of the same nonsence and political spin.We do not want our government to take care of us,but offer a maens to help take care of ourselves.Americans want to believe in the American dream,and not be led down the yellow brick road,just to discover the truth behind the curtain.Our new President,I believe understands this.Our politicians really need to work together with a more open mind and ideas.

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