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America’s Philosophical and Political Crisis

March 26, 2009

E.J. Manning

Dodd on shaky ground

politics on shaky ground

The American media has been trying to expunge the righteous or moral anger of millions of Americans toward AIG, banker types and politicians like Chris Dodd. This anger festers across the nation as public good humor and patience grows weak. Today, Barbara Walters and the ladies on ‘The View’ talked to America’s stay-at-home moms, retirees and disenfranchised workers in an attempt to quell the festering anger against the likes of AIG, Congress and lawmakers that have recently been caught with their political pants down. America is firmly entrenched in a philosophical crisis.

ABC's The View

ABC's The View

What is especially troubling is the rationale used in the attempt to placate the national furor of Americans. The argument used is nothing less than moral bankruptcy and new age diversity training, a case of moral swine flu. The girls on ‘The View’ and much of the public media simply paste a smiley face on the corporate wrongdoing of bankers, politicians and their own flawed ideology. There is no accountability. In fact, Barbara Walters attempted to argue that that there is no wrongdoing in human behavior and given the same opportunities that you would have done the same. There is no right or wrong. There is no responsibility for conduct. We must justify schizophrenic and antisocial behavior as wholly acceptable and a sign of a progressive world.

In order to placate the citizens and the possibility of any inflammatory language whatever, the press and public media are generally avoiding any moral argument. Don’t risk stirring up the populace. Find a straw dog. Choose to paint the demon of class envy on the poor plight of bankers and accountants racked with the results of their moral hazard.

barney frankEnvy in America is a problem in what has been one of the wealthiest nations on the planet. Americans are no saints. However, regular American citizens, if nothing else, want the same rules that apply to them to apply to the hierarchy of politics and money. They want accountability for their own selfish reasons rather to establish any moral cause for religious or ethical reasons. However, even this view of ethics is met with resistance at the top as the nation pretends to forgive the ‘unforgivable’ corporate conduct at the top.

This neglect or outright refusal to understand and recognize our own human behavior as having results or accepting any measure of responsibility has continued to water the seeds of our own national self-destruction. Whatever greatness that existed is gone. We are an empty shell. The nation and the people now rest on a very shaky foundation indeed as we have discarded whatever principles that we previously held or that may have built the nation. We have sold our souls in the name of capitalism in the eternal pursuit of money and self as we ignore the destruction that we are reaping. The evidence in this moral and ethical war strongly suggests that America has crossed a new philosophical bridge that it has summarily destroyed in the war of secular politics and corporatism. We cannot go back and will not go back. We will make every excuse to justify what will ultimately be our own destruction as a whole nation. We no longer hold the same values and we will no longer make apology for our modern, advanced thinking. There is no blame or even sound reason that is superior. Tolerance dictates that we are all right unless an ordinary American is considered to be breaking the laws that Washington built. There is no responsibility on any level. There is no heaven or hell, except our own on earth.  We are our own gods at our own hand without apology.

moral swine flu

moral swine flu

We have taken the seeds of American me-ism to new heights and have made a new national god that will result in the ultimate demise of American life as we have ever known it. I do not refer to a person, but to a philosophy of self-service and self-centered ideology through deceptive thinking. Yet, the thinking American has no right to stand in judgment of anyone. If Barbara Walters says it, it must be true.  All thinking is equally right and we must respect each other regardless of the crime.  We must validate greed and dishonesty for the sake of humanity in the name of human rights. Meanwhile, the nation has taken on a new form of leadership philosophy without a soul or purpose beyond its’ own power. Enjoy the nation while it lasts good citizen. ~ E. Manning

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  1. April 8, 2009 9:26 pm

    This is very up-to-date information. I’ll share it on Twitter.

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