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Jobs: Looking at Symptoms, Not Reality

June 4, 2009

America rooting for jobs

Americans continue to root for jobs as they polish their resumes. Many are begging for anything to put a few dollars in their pockets. When listening to the media about jobs today, the federal government and ever hopeful media would have you get extraordinarily excited about yet another glimmer of hope on the economic horizon. Ongoing claims for unemployment insurance declined for the first time since January and the number of initial claims fell slightly. This is the first time in 17 weeks that the United States has not set a record in jobless claims. Is this really the good news that government sycophants claim?

Statistically speaking, the federal government reported that 6,735,000 people filed continuing claims in the week ending May 23, a decrease of 15,000 from revised figures. 621,000 initial jobless claims were filed in the week ending May 30, down from 625,000 the previous week. The appearance of moderation would seem to be a good thing, but what is reality?

Is corporate underemployment a national fate?

Is corporate underemployment a national fate?

As a top U.S. employer, Wal-Mart Stores says it will add more than 22,000 jobs in U.S. stores this year. On the surface, this would appear to be good news, yet another glimmer of light. Two weeks ago, I interviewed employees in one of the local Wal-Mart’s in the Nashville area. Time and time again, employees complained openly and bitterly in front of customers about reduced hours and job replacement of more experienced workers by new workers at lower wages. Most of the employees interviewed disclosed that they were working fewer than 15 hours weekly with no hope of more work hours. Is creating 22,000 U.S. positions using underemployed Americans what this nation needs? Will this strategy fuel a national recovery? Hardly. In an atmosphere of job cuts, Wal-Mart feins the creation of quality employment. This is further evidence that ‘Corporate America’ continues to use the system to further oppress and use the American worker for its own ends using a short-term mentality. This kind of thinking will certainly not keep Americans from living on the streets or maintaining precious mortgage payments. Continuing to pinch workers under the guise of prospering them is little more than economic terrorism.

The Labor Department agrees with my findings. Steeper job cuts by companies, coupled with reduced working hours ‘boosted productivity in the first quarter.’ This would indicate that ‘productivity’ has little to do with decent American employment or national prosperity, but rather corporate prosperity. This is a poor economic measure relating to anything meaningful, little more than a lie.

‘Rises in productivity in the first quarter’, while encouraging on the surface, does not necessarily correlate to declines in jobless benefits as the media would dictate. The majority of American workers are likely to drop off of the unemployment chart when benefits run out, if the worker loses his home mailing address, phone, internet or all of them. The reality is that little is required to lose job benefits. All that is required is that you disappear in the night or are vanquished to the ‘tent cities along the Cumberland River.’

Government specialists are patting the nation on the back as the appearance of turning the corner in jobless claims comes into view. The end of the recession must be near the sycophants declare.

Even as U.S. employers have aggressively cut payrolls to protect costs in the face of plummeting demand, analysts are looking forward to statistics showing new applications for unemployment benefits will drop below 600,000 weekly. This has nothing to do with the real plight of Americans, who have become thoroughly dependent on corporate employment. If you doubt, examine the articles on employment on the TNTalk! America job page for a more accurate view of being unemployed in America. ~ E. Manning

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  1. Tamarka permalink
    June 7, 2009 11:59 am

    Well said. the tragedy we face is that politics has opted for lies over honesty on any level. we are all fools for listening to federals.

  2. Kirra permalink
    June 7, 2009 4:18 am

    Well said. The political system is broken. Whatare we going to do to fix it?

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