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The New General Motors: Holding America Hostage

June 16, 2009

E.J. Manning

If you’ve been tuned in to the news at all, taxpayer bailout recipient General Motors has featured prominently. The United States Federal Government has used economic stimulus credit to keep GM operating because GM is too big to fail. Where would America be without General Motors, now Government Motors, considering the jobs that could be lost or considering the landscape of the American auto industry? General Motors  is now looking for hundreds of millions of dollars in state government aid to locate its new small car production in the United States as thousands of job hang in the balance. Idled assembly plants in Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin are in the running for economic extortion  as state governments are held hostage for jobs. Yet, many job seekers are jumping for joy as GM moves jobs from overseas to America, at least theoretically.

GM extortionNow that General Motors is nearly 70 percent taxpayer-owned, you would think that there would be a little respect for taxpayers since taxpayers are now funding General Motor’s corporate existence. With new management hand-picked by Barack Obama himself, you might expect new thinking outside the box of corporate thought. That is hardly the case. For the American that is watching closely, the nation has a true revelation into the minds of corporate executives that seek to run the world for their own good and profit. In this case, apparently GM executives haven’t given their continued corporate existence a second thought. Apparently, egos continue to run high.

phil bredesenTennessee governor Phil Bredesen quipped regarding the future of the Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee: “They don’t care about tax credits and those other kinds of things. It certainly was a new look for me at how they’re approaching this thing, which is absolutely, ‘Tell me how big of a check you’re going to write.’ “

In accepted corporate style, General Motors is now seeking a bidding war over American jobs for cash incentives from state governments where GM manufacturing plants reside. It isn’t enough that corporate executives are holding a loaded gun pointed at America as we blithely accept this dilemma as part of life dictated by fascist corporates. The essence of reality is that the Federal Government is holding American jobs hostage in a new and unique way by continuing to allow big business multinationals to operate the way they do, even when taxpayers own the company. Economic judgment is no longer based simply on economics, but how much extra cash that can be extorted in the name of jobs. To carry this line of thinking to its’ ultimate conclusion, taxpayers are holding themselves hostage as GM executives seek out the best deal and who will get the prize plum of thousands of jobs via fascist extortion…all funded by the U.S. government and your tax dollars. ~ E. Manning

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  1. June 18, 2009 7:54 am

    I ask you today How many people are happy with this bailout? Except those top Paid execs at GM nobody is not even its workers!

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