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Economic Depression: Troubles Are Over

July 20, 2009

Politicians look hard at public opinion and behavior. The digital economy is now wielding political advice. Larry Summers, one of President Obama’s economic advisers, sees some strong evidence that the economy is out of free fall. They are watching the American public and their web engine surfing habits. Summers says the recent decrease in Google searches for ‘economic depression’ are down to normal levels.

Are you getting tired of facing the truth or learning about the latest economic news? Help the current administration understand that the economy is not fixed in your eyes. Rising unemployment numbers are usually a good indicator of the state of the economy. Has the stimulus giveaway worked?  Is your life really better or are you getting used to living with less and just giving up? Get online right now on Google and search ‘economic depression’ right now. Don’t be deceived and don’t take the pressure off.

To explore the reality of the situation, visit this link.

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