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Obama: Presidential Order Kill U.S. Sovereignty

December 28, 2009

E.J. Manning

While everyone was either mourning the economy, feigning worry about how retailers would fare or preparing for the holiday celebrations, President Obama made what would seem an insignificant move that actually changes the world for America. On December 17th, President Obama signed an executive order that flies in the face of the U.S. Constitution by changing a few words of a previous executive order. If this nation still has national sovereignty, that sovereignty has been cast aside for something else, for other purposes and for the agenda of global governance and perhaps police action.

A global police organization known as Interpol now enjoys “certain privileges, exemptions and immunities” as President Obama and national politics opens the way for the creation of subservience to what many see as a New World Order. Interpol is now above the law of the United States. They are not subject to any authority on American soil. Interpol can keep information on U.S. citizens for international purposes and policing. American civil rights are now compromised and subject to higher international authority.

The Department of Justice now has a new bona fide Interpol agency that will resides within the current power structure of law and justice, much like an embassy. The global police organization now has what could be unlimited access to all legal privileges and oversight in this nation with the quick stroke of a pen. While the end results have yet to be seen, this willful violation of the Constitution and national sovereignty is likely to yield interesting results.

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