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Terror on the Increase: More Threats and Invasion

February 2, 2010

E.J. Manning

U.S. intelligence chiefs warned that an attempted al Qaeda attack against the United States is highly likely in the next three to six months. Despite the sober assessment from the nation’s top intelligence chiefs in their annual threat briefing, it can be reasoned that another attempt does not necessarily mean there will be another successful attack.

On Good Morning America, former counter-terrorism official Richard Clarke stated: “We shouldn’t panic here… CIA directors always say this once a year in an annual threat briefing and they always predict there’s going to be another attempt.”

Regarding the cyber world, National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair warned House members of “malicious cyberactivity” by terrorists. He reasoned that the attacks could disable financial systems across the country.

The Good Morning America expert agreed: “Every day, major corporations in this country lose their intellectual property, their corporate secrets, without even knowing it, to successful Chinese hacks. This is the real big threat because it takes away our economic advantage.”

Apparently, recent insights into the world of terrorism have been made through Christmas Day bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. With the cooperation of his family in Nigeria, much useful information has been obtained. While much of the information provided to the media is subject to some debate, the threat against a modern way of life continues, including the electronic financial system that most have come to depend on. Now that news is out and the opponent possibly compromised, there is little doubt that terrorists will consider changing and modifying existing plans where they can, assuming that the FBI is correct in verifying their information. Could this increase the danger?

What are your thought? Solutions?

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