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Washington’s Hollywood East: “Lights, Cameras, No Action”

February 9, 2010

As the 2010 Academy Awards draw near, along with the culmination of the Hollywood awards season, I think it appropriate to take a bit of time to acknowledge some the many compelling performances that have been provided by the political stars of Hollywood East.  After all, the marvelous scripts and stagecraft that our political leadership has produced and performed within the last year have been unquestionably dazzling!

The big names strolling the red carpets of Hollywood East have spawned a frenzy of excitement among their faithful fans.  Names such as Eric Cantor, Michelle Bachman, John McCain, John Boehner and the incomparable Sarah Palin.  Palin became a media diva for her remarkable portrayal of a political “Norma Rae”.  She stars as an unprepared small town girl who rose to compete (unsuccessfully) for the Vice Presidency of the United States.  A historic and jaw dropping portrayal to be sure!

To compete with these stars, for some of the most coveted national political spotlight were the likes of legends Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama and the dramatic icon Harry Reid, whose performance in the recent release of the political “Jimmy The Greek Story” was fabulous!  It was a tale about an old man who suddenly finds that he has lost touch with the sensitivities and realities of modern culture.  The performance nonetheless was mind-boggling and emotionally compelling.  This is only a small sampling of the many names in Hollywood East, who have warmed our hearts with their sincere performances while incredibly, failing to deliver any blockbuster hits (significant legislation).

Certainly the epic movie “How About Healthcare” should win Best Movie of the year honors.  It has many stories within a story,  a political “Groundhog’s Day” with an all star cast.  It kept me on the edge of my seat!

Additionally, Sarah Palin may well deserve the Best Actress award for her second performance as an author or a credible national public figure.  She’s certainly shown some versatility this year!  John McCain deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award, for his ability to stay in congress for a lifetime, without actually being required to achieve anything.  Nancy Pelosi just deserves an award for being cute.  She has a cute way of saying cute things.  She’s the Hollywood East version of Sandra Bullock with no talent or capacity to do anything, that I can discern, except attract negative attention.  Maybe we’ll give her the Best Supporting Actress award, for her role as the President’s least effective number one fan.

Then there is the President himself.  He deserves an award for something also.  Let’s see, maybe Best Actor?  The President is the Hollywood East version of Denzel Washington.  His performances are magnificent and most everybody at Capitol City Pictures likes him.  All this, in spite of the fact that he is miserably failing to effectively lead politically, or affect any significant change.  But if entertainment is all you want, the President is unquestionably the best Hollywood East has to offer.  Why? He certainly continues to act as if he really thinks he can get something significant done!  We’re all actors in this I suppose.

Half of us act as if we really believe that the President can change Washington.  Then there are huge numbers of Americans who act as if they believe he is a socialist or that he was not born in this country and is hell bent on destroying it.  But more than that, we act is if there is some significant measure of reality attached to the performances we see from the stars of Hollywood East and their media groupies.  All the while, we know in our heart of hearts, that we are not being served truthfully or sincerely by any of them.

What do they give us?  They give poor people encouragement to live on the strength of their religion and faith.  They give the same poor people substantial measures of racist red meat to keep them distracted.  They give poor people a chilling fear of  “upcoming and inevitable” terror attacks, when governmental greed, dysfunction and neglect kill far more Americans, and is more worthy of our suspicion and fear.  While we busy ourselves fighting, cowering or praying, they make every opportunity available for a ruthless Corporate America to rape us on virtually every front.

Why would our political leadership use and manipulate us so callously?  Corporate America controls their futures and keeps them, their affluent friends and families,  in very comfortable lifestyles.  That’s why they have been selling America “the people” out!  The most amazing aspect of all of this is that most Americans act as if they don’t even know this is happening.  Bravo!!!  You guys, “the American public,” are fantastic actors! My hat is off to your skill!

L.A. Walker

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