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Congress to Archive Your Tweets

April 15, 2010

E.J. Manning

55 million tweets are posted on Twitter each day. Since the inception of Twitter in 2006, billions of tweets have been created. If you thought that your tweet was forgotten and forever destined for oblivion, think again. The Library of Congress is in the process of archiving every single public tweet ever made.

A smiley public face is being put on this. After all, what is Twitter if it isn’t human history? Naturally, the digital archive will include tweets from President Barack Obama on the day he was elected. It will also carry far darker fare, that is if you posted it. That’s right, if you tweeted it, it’s part of the record, immortalized for everyone to see and for authority and the casual user to troll though as they please.

“As a historian you will be able to look back at that and understand what people felt. The same with the healthcare legislation that recently passed. You can look back and say what where people talking about and have those views changed over time? We think that will be really useful.” – Alex MacGillivray, Twitter

Search engine Google has revealed it is going to make the Twitter archive searchable for users. Google has unveiled a replay feature that lets users search tweets posted at any given point in time right down to the minute. Now the user can go back in time and see the conversation about a particular topic on a public timeline. For this moment the Google replay feature will cover the last two months of tweets. Google expects to cover the entire archive all the way back to March 2006.

What about all those erased and deleted tweets? What about all that mindless advertising that Twitter is expected to unveil as a new feature of their service? What about all of those dead links? No telling. Keep on smiling and have a great time being part of history!

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  1. April 15, 2010 10:36 am

    I heard about this on the news. Twitter is a public forum that has been used by many people, especially pundits and politicians, to lobby for their pet causes or to attack each other.

    Nothing ever goes away on the Internet, so those “deleted” tweets will probably be resurrected and go into the archive.

    I wonder what people will think of the “communications” in 100 years?

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