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Racial Fears: Right Wing Develops “Free State” for Fleeing White U.S. Refugees in South America

August 4, 2010

For more than a year prior to the election of President Obama, numerous organizational leaders  (primarily right-wing Christians) across America had secret, even clandestine meetings with foreign governments in South America an effort to procure land which would be used as a safe haven for white Americans who consider themselves political refugees.  The reality of this seemingly incredible concept has now been achieved.

According to documented reports, there were many citizens in this country that had real fears about the intentions of President Barack Obama and the democratic Congress, and what they felt would be continuing harmful policies which might negatively affect them as individuals, and certainly the conservative Christian American way of life in America.  Today there exists a geographic footprint on the borders of Uruguay and Paraguay in South America that spans 117,000 acres and which already has become home to more than 50,000 white Americans who call themselves political refugees.  This number is expected to reach two million (2,000,000) by 2012 and could swell to as many as fifteen million (15,000,000) white American refugees living in South America by the end of this President’s second term (should he be reelected).  Further, phases II and III of the safe haven would allow the geographic footprint of “The New Free American State” as it has been named, to grow to an incredible four hundred fifty thousand (450,000) acres.

Diego Santiago-Marquez the (Uruguayan Minister of Culture) has repeatedly made it clear in his public statements on the matter, that he is somewhat surprised by the negative reaction of so many Americans to President Obama’s election.  But that he is not surprised that Uruguay was selected as the primary location for the fleeing American refugees.  He further points out that his country is primarily Christian and that the climate is suitable to Americans who are arriving predominately from U.S. Southern states.  “If you were going to re-locate this would be both culturally and geographically a sensible choice”.  He also mentioned that the relative proximity would allow residents of “The New Free American State” to return on visits to the U.S. if necessary, to assist friends and family members in their departures should the situation in the U.S. continue to deteriorate socially and politically (in their view).

It is believed that President Obama and the White House have long been aware of, and are obviously displeased with these developments.  No official statements on the matter have been issued since this matter was only made public today.

In the aforementioned clandestine and highly secretive meetings with the governments of Uruguay and Paraguay, many high level United States Congressional leaders met with the leadership of several South American countries before the land overlapping the borders of Uruguay and Paraguay was selected and purchased.

John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Lindsey Graham, Michelle Bachman and John McCain were reportedly in attendance at one or more of the meetings in the past two years and in recent months former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has contributed more than 1.5 million dollars in personal funds to the land procurement efforts.  Law enforcement sources are scouring records of land procurement donors as much of the money is believed to have come from political contributions.  A practice that is prohibited by U.S. law.

On my recent trip to the New Free American State I was struck by the efforts to create an authentic vision of small town American life.  To include the old stone church, the general store and even vintage cars.  Glenda Carson (formerly of West Memphis, Arkansas) told me:  “My family and I have never been happier than we are now; living under this new flag of true freedom and godliness”.  Their flag is a replica of the United States flag, complete with red and white stripes but where the 50 stars had been, there is only a single star on a blue field and a large centered white cross.  Their Constitution remains nearly the exact replica of the U.S. Constitution but the inhabitants are strict believers in the right-wing interpretations and applications of the laws.

Even casual scrutiny of the aforementioned information is alarming in nature, yet it is nothing more than an invented outrageous fabrication that I undertook for the purpose of making what I feel is an important point.  Media manipulation may take many forms and because you see or hear it on Fox News does not mean the information is credible. They are not exactly the burning bush.  The despicable antics by hateful and self-serving political operatives and politicians are poisoning the minds of many Americans and inflaming the worst commentaries about issues, as well as dampening interactions between American citizens to the lowest levels in our nation’s history.  Not sometimes, but most times, it pays to dig a little deeper.

But then again, you read this on the internet.  So in your case; it just may represent your standard for truth.  That is the basis for your state of misinformed despair.  Nothing more.

L. A. Walker

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  1. Le'Roy permalink
    August 15, 2010 7:55 am

    What a crock….. I ain’t seen nothing on this!

  2. August 4, 2010 9:20 pm

    HAHA! Damned brilliant writing L.A. Walker. Brilliant! Now you know what is going to happen don’t you? Someone will ready about 30% of this article and next thing you know, you will have 1,000,000 hits and an article reprint on Fox Nation. ROFLMAO

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