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The Million Moron March: Glenn Beck, The Rise of the new Farrakhan

August 30, 2010

One truth is evident. Given a platform and enough financial backing you can convince a lot of people to do most anything, even if it is socially destructive or just plain stupid.

Conservative America has now presented their radical leadership and a murky agenda that seems characteristically and historically familiar. Beck has galvanized both well known and familiar names. These are faces of right wing social conservatism paraded in front of the nation and the world, to speak on behalf of the American people. These faces speak in support of reclaiming the nation and salvaging an obscure vision of the American way of life in the name of tradition.

There is much discussion among those within the Million Moron Movement about fiscal conservatism. Although these concerns have only become a priority within their ranks since our President took office, there is much discussion among them about the economy. Nearly two years ago, their representative candidate for President, Senator John McCain, declared that “the fundamentals of the economy are strong” while the national economy was collapsing. There was no ground swell of disagreement within their ranks.

There is much discussion today about topics related to their impressions of problematic minority groups. These are Americans who are supposedly threatening the American way of life. These are Blacks, Hispanics, the LGBT Community and their most recent social demons, the Muslims. Now the Muslim citizens of our country are now all targets of the right-wing campaign of fear and hate that they are promulgating with a brazen daring that is both senseless and embarrassing. This spew ranges from lies about the activities of ACORN and The New Black Panthers, to the hollow assertions about the socially destructive nature of gay marriage and the NYC Islamic Cultural Center being a radical landmark of revenge. All of these fabricated issues are simply scare tactics employed to make many emotionally vulnerable Americans believe that diverse populations in this nation represent a threat, that they are breaking the economic bank while depriving “normal” and “traditional” Americans of their dreams and threatening their physical safety.

Most of us know what normal and traditional Americans are. Yet, the scare tactics of politics are a great ploy. Among some, this approach is working; just as it has in the past. At times like these I always try to remember a basic philosophy: “Beware the messenger.”

I would like to say that I don’t think these people are stupid. But in fact their actions and ideologies make that thought impossible to argue. After all, who is Glenn Beck? Why in the world would any rational person feel compelled to subscribe to his confusing and rambling rhetoric. Let me give you a bit of a news flash. Glenn Beck is being paid very substantial sums to create storms of social turmoil. So are Sarah, Rush and many others. None of this is new where the American social and political landscape is concerned. Today the American nation has a twenty four hour news cycle that bombards us with juicy bits of political, social and criminal nonsense. Still we have an intellectual responsibility, if only to ourselves, to think about what is being reported as we make our own unemotional and rational judgments. Well… don’t we? As a very easy alternative, Americans can believe what we are being told in 30 second news clips without considering sources or motivations and follow along like morons!

Let’s do a bit of political analysis 101, shall we? The war in Iraq is supposedly winding down. We have no idea at this point what that means or what the outcome will look like. But what we do know is that approximately three thousand people died in the attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001.

What we were told, is that we were going to war in Iraq to seize those responsible and bring them to justice. What we also know is that more American lives have been lost in the Iraq war alone than were lost here at home on 911. We also know that the later modified justification for all of this death along with the extreme cost, has been in large part, that we toppled a dictator and freed the Iraqi people. Is that really what we set out to do? Is that really what we have accomplished? Why in Iraq?

There are plenty of petty dictators all over the world: North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and a handful of countries on the continent of Africa and in other locations where people are being exterminated and deprived of freedom. This Iraq decision and the resulting war, and the many thousands of dead, was nothing more than a super-sized campaign of political lies. This is exactly like the campaign of lies that Glenn Beck and numerous other right wing lunatics are undertaking.

War is big business. The dead, the thousands of casualties are of little concern to those who stand to profit from the churning wheels of the military industrial complex or even from the benefits of Big Oil. Keep in mind that not all wars are shooting wars. A political war is being waged from the far right wing of Conservative America. Large amounts of money, influence and power are at stake.

If a United States President will send thousands of our sons and daughters off to die out of greed and pride, then you may rest assured that the petty demagogue Glenn Beck, will manipulate and sacrifice Americans. He positions them at risk by branding them as demons so that he can continue to make millions. In doing so, he has lead a million morons, not in a march on Washington, but in a covert war on true freedom. This is because he knows that fear and hate can be sold as hot commodities when people are suffering and vulnerable.

At the end of the day “The Million Moron March” was probably a success in Herr Beck’s view. I saw it as the “Ole Bait and Switch.” Make your money by peddling racism, fear and vitriol and then, swiftly, hold a political peace rally using MLK as the backdrop. It is disgusting and usurious.

Glen Beck makes Louis Farrakhan look like Step-Fetch-It. The man is a monster. But, after all, he’s getting paid to it. That is our national excuse, is it not?

L.A. Walker

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