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Letter to the Muslim World: An American Apology

September 11, 2010

As an American, I feel that I owe many in the Muslim world a sincere personal apology.  Someone must come forward, to state truthfully and factually that what so many in my country are saying and doing is just simply wrong.  Although I am not responsible, I am ashamed.  From my heart I can only say that this American is embarrassed and truly sorry.

In America, we have our right wing Christians who kill in the name of  Almighty God and Christianity.  The shame of which helps me understand that you have your troubled religious extremists and zealots too.  Since I have seen America’s religious extremists kill in the name of their god, I have felt and understand the horror of it. I know many of you must certainly feel the same horror over the actions of your religious extremists.  Since I have no appreciation for the evil that Americans do in the name of their god, I understand that you do not condone or support what the evil Islamic extremists do in the name of Islam.

We have our social conservatives who risk the lives of my American brethren and who seek to deprive other Americans of the very same freedoms that they themselves enjoy.  As a result of our own poor social example, I understand that you have factions among you who are also cultural zealots who would deprive you of rights and freedoms.

I have no regard or respect for Americans who seek to control or damage the social fabric of my country and of the world, by attempting to convince people that they should fear and hate people of color, as well as the many diverse religions of the world other that they are uncomfortable with.  I know that the Muslim culture, in parts of the world, contains those who seek to control and manipulate for the sole purpose of religious, political and cultural control.  This must certainly be equally troubling for many of you.

We are not so very different.  The overwhelming masses of Americans are not hate-mongers or religious zealots.  They are simply people of various cultures who seek a measure of peace and happiness in their lives as they live under the blanket of the American flag.  I understand that peace and happiness are also the very same things that many in the Muslim world want.  I know that you are not evil or a malignant threat of any sort. You want a healthy and peaceful setting what you also desire for yourselves and your families.

It is certainly true that the American media and media sources in some of the Muslim world would have us believe that we are all enemies.  It is exciting for them and it boosts ratings for some people to consider and talk about such irrational things.  What a ridiculous concept to try to convince people that Americans have declared war on all of Islam! This is little different from much of the media in your world that has encouraged many of your people to hate the West, specifically America.  These are simply lies and tactics of control.

A widespread brainwashing method is being employed to keep us angry at each other and divided.  They want to keep all sides occupied with the foolishness of anger and hate.  Our governments, political operatives and large corporations steal all of our money and natural resources, while leaving us to our foolish devices that they have contrived for us!

In America we have an expression “Beware the Messenger.”  These are faces of Americans that you see in the media talking about the politics of building an Islamic Center or burning the Holy Koran.  They are the messengers.  They are your enemies!  If they are not willing to say so then I will!  If they are bold enough to suggest or state outright their brazen lies about the Muslim world, then they should be singled out and credited for their manipulation and hate.  You probably already know their names : Reverend Terry Jones, Sarah Palin, John Boehner, and Newt Gingrich.   They are the social and political opportunists who seek to ruthlessly tie the entire Islamic world to the concept of terror.  I cannot imagine what type of sick and perverted person would descend to such horrific tactics.  These monsters I regard with the deepest shame, the worst examples of Americans that exist.  Nobody in this country, given the lies and recent dreadful behavior of so many (like the aforementioned) have the basis for passing judgment on absolutely anyone!

America and the Muslim world are not at a crossroads.  We have no decisions to make.  There is no reason to panic and there is no sweeping virus of anti-Islamic hate in America.  In reality, we are not at war! Very evil people exist in America.  These people would have the world believe that Americans are all closed minded fools and control freaks.  Unhappily, their words and faces are splayed across news mediums worldwide. This is not the America I know.  I believe that deep in your hearts, you understand that this is not what America ever sought to become.

Now I speak to any fellow citizens who have been victims of hateful events because of personal culture or religion, to any of you worldwide, who have been emotionally harmed by disquiet and fear.  I would welcome you in peace as a neighbor or a friend, just as I would welcome anyone from any quarter of the world.  I have no words to express the broad expanse of sorrow I feel for you since you have been openly castigated by Americans who never sought to know you, as a source of pure evil.  I can only say that I know within my heart, that this compares to any of the dreadful social wrongs of my lifetime.

Today, I honor you. You have my undying respect as people that live in another culture that have been wrongfully judged.  Wherever you may be, may you live in prosperity and in peace. I ask that you accept my most sincere American apology,  though I am only one . . .

L.A. Walker

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  1. September 11, 2010 9:03 pm

    President Bush said it and President Obama repeated it: We are NOT at war with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.

    There are those in our country who would be pleased to see the violence continue.

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