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The House Obama Built: Impatience is the Friend of Imprudence

September 30, 2010

Building any project comes down to responsibility and commitment.  Lacking all responsibility or commitment, there is a reasonable explanation for those who now find it necessary or convenient to criticize the efforts of the President over the first two years of his administration.

Many Republicans and other right-leaning people acknowledge the devastation of this nation following the horrific economic reign of terror thrust upon us by the previous administration.  What so many do not understand, or perhaps are incapable of fully appreciating, is the broad expanse of the damage that must now be repaired.

Consider your own home. Imagine that your entire roof was stripped in a storm, and when the estimates for making repairs were being prepared, you discovered that your home also had significant structural damage due to termites.  In the aftermath of these discoveries, many of you would have to speak to the insurance company to ensure that you had adequate repair coverage, and if not, you might need to go to a bank in the effort to get a loan to make the necessary repairs.  If you were fortunate enough to get the loan or to have insurance coverage, I imagine you would see the repairs through.  You would persist matter how long the reconstruction might take.  You make the investment in rebuilding  your home. You do not fail to see it through.

This same approach applies not only a damaged home, but also to our nation.  One only needs to look at the New Orleans example following Hurricane Katrina.  After five long years, the rebuilding continues.  By comparison, consider what must be economically rebuilt across this nation.

Once you realize major damage to anything, it takes a while for results to manifest themselves.  It may be car damage, home damage or even a health problem.  In most cases you must be patient. You must make prudent decisions. You must see decisions through to a result that is an improvement over the initial problem to a complete remodel or repair. The same is true for this nation, especially given that many systems and processes are involved.

There must certainly be some among us who are indecisive or perhaps even irresponsible.  Some would take out a loan or money from an insurance claim to use it for something other than making necessary home repairs.  Even in an emergency, some are short sighted and impatient or simply make very poor decisions.  In these cases, the results of those poor decisions are frequently disastrous!

The political truth of today is, our President is, in fact, rebuilding the house that is America.  This is a house which was nearly destroyed in a firestorm of corporate graft, greed and the influences of special interests.  President Obama went to work immediately, directing solutions for cleaning up the mess and making the structural repairs that kept the nation from falling into further disrepair.  Although the house is not yet a comfortable place to reside for many, it is becoming clear that the person we put our trust in though a national voting system is working on our behalf.  His workmanship has not been perfect. This is compounded by the fact that he has not had the cooperation of many as he has gone about the necessary work.  As in any political system, he has a host of mean-spirited and resentful opponents working to slow or undo the work that he is striving to accomplish on behalf of the people of this country.

Anyone who has really observed or made a mature attempt to understand what this President has attempted to do in his first two years of service should be impressed.  His administration has arguably accomplished as much as any previous President in the history of this nation.  Even so, this has not yet made all of the problems that so many Americans face disappear.  Many are still traumatized by the events that nearly brought the house down.  Their anger is justified, but anger that is focused at President Obama is thoroughly misplaced.  There may be one area where the President has stumbled.  Had he forced or allowed those who inflicted the economic crisis on this country to be more adequately and visibly brought to justice, he might not be the surrogate target of blame for the country’s condition today.  People are justifiably distressed and angry.  They will always blame someone for their economic despair.

The President seeks to be an effective and wise builder.  I would not turn my back on President Obama as he methodically goes about the work of repairing the structural damage that was brought about by a political and corporate termite raid.  This sweeping raid undermined the economic structural integrity of our nation.  If I hired a contractor to repair my home damaged in a similar fashion, I sincerely doubt that in my impatience, I would fire him or his team of helpers in the middle of the project.  Such an action would be imprudent and the problems with the house would remain. Ongoing repairs would likely be more costly.

Anyone can say anything.  Anyone can make hollow accusations.  Anyone can lie to avoid unpleasant truths.  We know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that President Obama has done to damage America’s house.  Not a single example can be held up that says he is responsible for the jobs this nation lost or for the corporate horrors that undermined national stability.  I know that reality and recent history tell the nation where the cracks in this nation’s economic foundation came from.  I have no desire to see any of those institutions, corporations or their political supporters who were really responsible further victimize me or any American.

To be sure, the President and the Democratic Party are not perfect.  I’m not impatient or imprudent.  I want to continue to live in the House that Obama built.  Before long, I believe it will again be a stable and very comfortable place to live, even for so many who are currently suffering.

For all of us, it will take either patience or imprudence!

L.A. Walker

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