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Fascism versus Socialism: A Tragic Parody

October 25, 2010

I was among those who repeatedly suggested that George W. Bush was a fascist.  I could say that I did not mean that in the literal sense, but I certainly did mean to suggest that during his reign as President, he presided over a marriage of government and corporate influence that had undeniable roots in classic fascism.  There were many on the left who vilified the former President as a fascist and who meant it both literally and no doubt comically or sarcastically.  I concur. The comical aspect is a mechanism to suppress fear, displeasure and disdain. The same performance is in action where President Obama and charges of socialism are being bandied about.

George W. Bush was not a literal fascist.  He was a guy who was socially and economically conditioned to view big business (large corporations) as the bedrock of American society. Because of this, these corporations were deemed as deserving of special considerations far beyond any needs or concerns the American people might have.  He is from an established family that views itself as American Aristocracy. He sees common working persons as commodities, to be managed and manipulated as debtors to the commercial state.

This agenda was promoted by turning loose many various industrial complexes and providing them the freedom to lure Americans into debt for reckless profit.  From housing to banking, to investments to education, each American was seen as a potential debtor to the state alone!  No reciprocal consideration for products, jobs or financial security could be significantly considered under such a social model.  Even the act of war, through the Bush Model and the military industrial complex, was simply a cause and effect used to broaden the business expansion of large corporations.

Knowing now, that the myth of an Iraqi threat was simply a political ploy to enlarge business, it should be clear that the needs, safety and even lives of real people are of no consequence where the wants of large corporate influence and right-wing government are concerned.  Even so, Bush could not be blamed for all of this.  This was certainly and exclusively his doing, but that vicious ideology is as much a part of his social makeup as curly hair is to mine!

President Obama is not a socialist.  He is simply the antithesis of the other guy.  The large corporate influences who stand to lose big profits totally understand this.  They are the ones who started the whole fear and socialism parody.  To a great extent, he is a compassionate leader with good intentions.  Without question he has stumbled during the first two years of his administration.  Even so, President Obama has already raised the bar where landmark legislation is concerned to the extent that this will be long remembered in political history.  These advances were made while facing the most dormant and non-productive Republican representation in Congress in the nation’s history.

President Obama understands the human commodity ideology that major business and political entities in this country hope to continue to exploit.  He totally understands the Bush Model.  Thankfully, he understands that without reforms, the nation is doomed. When a hardworking American buys a home, he or she should not be duped by a housing industry that intentionally inflates the market and systematically robs the buyer of the value of their home.  He understands that a student who wants to go to college should not be saddled with a crippling debt for decades.  He understands that risking life and limb in a needless war should not be the litmus test for a young American to attend an institution of higher learning.

President Obama understands that tax breaks given to large corporations are merely ongoing incentives for them to continue to use foreign sources of labor. These tax breaks erode the domestic jobs market while allowing those large corporations to continue to produce faulty products at a handsome profit.  These are only a few examples of the fascist influences that have been visible, as well as problematic in this nation over the eight years preceding the current administration.

Of course, the spin experts on the right would have the world believe that  all of a sudden, they are concerned about debt and deficits.  Yeah right!  The right-wing racists were not at all concerned about that when they were in power.  The hypocrisy is staggering.  Yet, if a person wants to believe or be a part of the radical-racist right-wing, they will believe and repeat anything they are spoon fed.

In spite of all that has been said about the President, imperfect as he may be, there is something that must be remembered and repeatedly stated.  He cares about the American people. He was elected by the American people.  The issues of race have been continually used over the past two years as a wedge to separate people and to make political points from the right.  Wild stories about the growing New Black Panther organization and ACORN have been the political characterization of Blacks. This is much like the baseless rumors that Hispanics are murdering people in Texas and over-running our borders. This is much like the repeated suggestion that all people of the Islamic faith are potential terrorists and a threat to American Society through Sharia law.  To continue the idiocy, foolish assertions continue that the Gay Community has designs on undermining the traditional concept of marriage.

These scare tactics are socially and racially motivated because this scheme has worked in the past.  Scare White America and they will swing your way politically.  The evidence is clear that this works on the radical right-wing base.  What the traditional political ideology fails to realize or accept is that White America elected President Obama!  There is a broad base of Americans of virtually every stripe who supported and continue to support this President, even though many are hurting financially due to the severe lack of jobs in this country.

I’ll take the socialist with the big ears any day!  That means that the President might, from time to time, make an effort to help Americans who are in need.  He may actually try to protect them from corporate and political graft.  I don’t want to be a slave to a corporate state. I don’t want my kids to be required to risk their lives in some war for profit on the off chance that, if they survive, they might get to go to college.  I want my children to continue to believe that all people are inherently good, that making up dreadful lies about fellow Americans or other cultures and victimizing citizens through government and corporate marriage is not consistent with the true American ideology.

As for the Texas fascist, the nation will be trying to loosen the grip of his corporate friends for a long time to come.  To imagine that any American or any American President would so ruthlessly expose and persecute the people of this nation is a historic American tragedy that still has us reeling in debt and want.

Many of us know that talk is cheap.  Our President had better kick solving the national job crisis into high gear or even the sane among us may start to get a little crazy…maybe even stupid!  People can only stand to suffer for so long.  None of us had any real concept of the scope of the sweeping graft that the Bush Administration orchestrated at the expense of the people of this country.

Now we are starting to figure out that America nearly died…  All we can do is wait it out while relying on President Obama to keep fighting.  He is fighting for us, and for a renewed healthy nation.

You had better vote!  Frustration, complacency or illogical anger at this critical juncture could very well be our undoing.  The next Fascist-Republican made economic landslide may be irreversible!

L. A. Walker

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