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Politics: A Sleeping Giant

November 9, 2010

It’s going to be a very interesting two years, but at this point I don’t see much changing where Republicans and the President are concerned.  Why would they change course now?  In their political view, they are employing a winning strategy.  I don’t see it that way.

I suppose it depends on your vantage point, but sometimes things are not at all the way that they seem. A superficial view of our recent mid-term elections has convinced many lawmakers that the American people have rejected the policies and agenda of President Obama. That may be true, but I don’t think so.

The mid-term results of 2010 were fascinating although not exactly historic where mid-term outcomes historically fall. It is not uncommon at all to see sweeping changes in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Tactically, in order to make the swing a powerful success, it is evident that control of both houses is essential. Control of the House of Representatives elevates the control that Republicans can wield legislatively.

The reality is that the Republican Party blew their chance at also taking the Senate. They do not understand where there support lies or the shifting tide of emotion in the nation. They clearly oversold a couple of “wacky women” and insulted the intelligence of the electorate. As with Pearl Harbor, this was a huge tactical miscalculation. As a result, and at the end of the day, it is my belief that where legislative compromise is concerned, nothing will change.

In spite of the recent comments from the right which repeatedly suggest that America has rejected our President and his policies, I think they will soon find out that, like Pearl Harbor, the American people are outraged, gearing up for fights on many fronts. The American public are angry at Democrats, angry at Republicans, and angry at the President. In my heart of hearts, I believe they are justified in their anger. In short, they are angry at Washington and all that is stands for. This is a very complex story when we attempt to analyze what this election cycle meant to the voting public. Actually, it means many things.

It was Democrats and moderate voters who first began to understand the strategy. They began to speak out following the economic and social reign of terror thrust upon the nation by the Bush administration. This understanding created the movement that propelled President Obama into the White House. Then came the Tea Party and their flawed understanding of the horrors that had befallen the country. They chose to focus the blame, in large part, on the current President, but many of them are now beginning to admit that it is Washington as a whole shoulders ongoing responsibility for victimizing so many honest and hardworking Americans that had believed what they were told.

Essentially, politics is nothing more than a battle for control for the nation’s purse strings. Washington insiders think that they can still live it up, raise money to secure their cushy existence and cut deals that line the pockets of Big Business, therefore allowing the same big businesses to victimize our citizens. As with the cruel and dishonorable attack on Pearl Harbor, the American people have been systematically attacked by corporate warriors who sought to destroy our lives and dreams. These were corporations who would quietly and successfully lobby for legislation that permitted them to destroy our personal comforts and our financial security. They did so as a peaceful nation slept (figuratively speaking).

There is so much talk. Discussions about debt and deficits, immigration, war, terror and a host of other topics are great tools for a churning media machine to utilize while planting the seeds of distraction. Without question these things require attention and resolution. But the greater problems which are at the root of these discussions are the rabid thirst for power and money by special interests, which have seized control of our government.

Large corporations and special interest groups lobby Washington legislators to create or eliminate laws which allow them to do business in ways that place ordinary citizens at risk. Laws, earmarks, political contributions and loopholes are the accepted methods used to put our citizens at risk personally and financially everyday in Washington. The environment, banking, housing, Wall Street, insurance, mining, power, oil and gas are all representative of the many industries who have been given a clear path to quietly launch attacks on Americans. They do these things for profit! A self-promoting Congress looks the other way as if they have no knowledge or understanding of what they are facilitating. The truth of the matter is that they, like Judas, are selling out the nation and becoming traitors to the state.

How many more times must we have oil leaks, explosions and melt downs in the world of banking, insurance or housing and finance before America awakens and realizes that there are people in elected office who are literally sacrificing the people like cattle to satisfy their own grand ambitions? How much longer will our people be sent off to die in wars that have no impact or positive influence on our way of life, but really only incite diplomatic distain and violence from both our adversaries and people in other cultures. It is our government; it is Washington D.C. who is the blame for all of our problems.

The mid-term elections were not about Americans deciding to adopt the Republican or a right-wing agenda. Nor was the mid-term about a rejection of the President or the democratic agenda. It was simply a scramble to some sort of safety by people running scared while trying to figure out how to protect themselves from corporate aggression.

People without homes and jobs are looking for some measure, any measure, of protection from the ongoing attack. Americans have lost patience and confidence in their representatives. They are now uncertain that the President can wade through the mine field that is our self-promoting and self-serving legislative branch of government. They are becoming uncertain whether President Obama has the intestinal fortitude to deal with it all. Can he to do it quickly and decisively now?

Following the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941), Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander of the Japanese Fleet, made a shocking comment when he was informed that his surprise attack, although a tactical success, had failed to harm a single U.S. aircraft carrier. As it turned out, his carriers were not in port on the morning of that fateful attack. History documents this quote from Admiral Yamamoto: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Americans are waking up, scrambling for cover as the political and corporate attacks wage on. But very soon, the lines between political factions will begin to fade where hardworking and suffering citizens are concerned. Long term suffering has a way of uniting those who have been made victims, particularly by victims of economic oppression. When our citizens galvanize and begin to fight back, many in Washington will better understand the vision and prophetic words of Admiral Yamamoto. This is what happened in the mid-terms, and it will happen again. The people are inflamed against politics as usual. They don’t want to hear anything from Washington unless it has to do with jobs and the economy. They want Washington to wrestle their personal and economic safety back from the real domestic terrorists that are our corporate enemies.

The fascist American corporate machine has awakened a sleeping giant.

Leon A. Walker

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  1. November 9, 2010 1:55 pm

    Many Americans woke up when Congress handed over billions of dollars to the banks, AIG and the other Wall Street robber barons. They got our money with no conditions, no strings, and then promptly starting handing out millions in bonuses to their chief bandits. It’s been building from that point. Every one is angry, but we are all expressing our anger in different ways. The Left demands jobs and more spending for social programs and infrastructure. The Right demands tax cuts, spending cuts and less regulation on business which they think will result in jobs. The Center keeps trying to satisfy both sides and ends up looking impotent. The tension in this country is palatable and growing every day. People are starting to lash out at each other when their anger should be directed at a government that panders to the big corporations and Wall Street criminals. I think those who helped to elect the Republicans and some Tea Party “patriots” are in for a rude awakening when they realize that the Republicans are not going to help create jobs. It is the job of the Republican to protect big business and to enable corporations to exploit people and the environment for profit. What will happen when the Right realizes they have been played like a cheap fiddle?

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