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American Terror: Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

November 24, 2010

I flew from Florida to Ohio to be with family members for Thanksgiving. Amidst the media fervor about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) violating American citizens right to privacy by using what some describe as inappropriate physical contact, I underwent the physical body sweep recently. Although I would have preferred not to have endured the scan, I did not feel violated. Please understand that I know what being violated feels like.

I feel violated every day, when I think about the death and carnage that the America has endured in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can barely find a substantial daily news report about those who continue to serve. To date, nearly twice as many Americans have died in those two wars than were killed on 911. I’m having a difficult time rationalizing that. In 2010 alone, I felt violated when big oil, through corporate manslaughter, caused the death of 11 people in the Deepwater Horizon explosive disaster. I felt violated when big gas caused the corporate manslaughter of 4 Americans and the destruction of 50 homes in a natural gas explosion in a California neighborhood. I felt violated when 29 hardworking Americans were killed due to corporate neglect in a West Virginia mining disaster. I am sickened when I watch or read the daily news and find that the dead and their families have no right to justice and those responsible are allowed to continue to kill our citizens with impunity. No charges. No convictions. What’s more, in every case, big corporations are being allowed to profit handsomely, while Americans continue to pay them for goods and services, and if need be, Americans will continue to die for them or at their hands. Corporate America has caused the death of or ruined the lives of far more Americans than any terrorist or terrorist group!

Perhaps I deserve to be violated. I have not written a single letter to my Senator or Congressman, nor to the president expressing my outrage, nor have I staged a single protest. I did not write any letters of outrage following 911. I have continued to sit on the sidelines and share my outrage with my brother and my close friends. I have taken to writing the occasional column on this web site about the internal domestic horrors that the hardworking average American citizen is being subjected to by our legislators, through their reckless enabling of our unregulated corporate enemies.

Some might question the accuracy or severity of the charges I level against Congress or Corporate America. Still, when I look at the stark realities of what so many citizens are enduring, the carnage makes me wonder what they think or believe the real problem is. Maybe the average American does not care that Corporate America sold them a home and then destroyed the value of it. Maybe the average American does not feel violated over having their life savings or 401k raided by Corporate America. Maybe it is okay that Corporate America is being exempted from paying U.S. taxes so that they can reap greater profits from their industries by moving them abroad. Unlike me, perhaps the average American thinks it is okay that Wall Street raiders are making billions while handcuffing the growth of our economy.

The biggest, most ruthless and by far the most dangerous enemy of the American people is Corporate America and related multinationals. The legislative branch of our government is solely and completely responsible for allowing the American people to be terrorized by our own domestic corporate matrix. It is a systematic and well planned coup that simply means that our legislators are being paid off by major corporations in return for passing legislation that allows them to more easily victimize the very citizens that Congress is supposed to represent and protect! In short, our elected officials are giving aid and comfort to this nation’s greatest enemies!

It does not matter if it is war or deadly explosions due to reckless and irresponsible practices. What matters is that hardworking Americans are continuing to be terrorized by Corporate America. They are economically crippled and killed in industry recklessness while their dreams for employment and a comfortable life is shattered.

I know what being violated feels like and I can count. I know that far more Americans are suffering and dying at the hands of powerful industrialists, financial manipulators and our Congressional leadership; than by any terrorists!

So keep on being disappointed and outraged by the lies that are being fed to you by the partisan media. Keep on trying to figure out who is going to win Dancing with the Stars. Keep telling yourself that the President, some ethnic group or groups are the root of our problems. Hopefully, one day you will figure out that the dead, the deficits and the debt are the glorious gifts that our own country has heaped on poor and hardworking Americans. While you suffer, Congress is getting their palms greased and living large as big corporations are stealing all of the money in a currency that seems destined for oblivion. Happy Thanksgiving.

Go ahead… give them another tax break. Keep giving aid and comfort to the enemy! Whoever the so called “real terrorists” are, I imagine they only wish they could have harmed this nation the way Congress and Corporate America already have.

Violated by the TSA . . . Really?

L. A. Walker

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