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Barack Obama: The One Term President Hall of Fame

December 26, 2010

At this rate, it does not seem to matter if President Obama only serves one term in the White House.  What he has done for this country in two short years is phenomenon that rivals the political genius of his historic Presidential campaign.  I am not suggesting that he won’t be reelected.  In fact, I feel confident that he will win reelection by a wide margin, no matter who his opponent is. unless… the economy continues to falter.

“It’s the Economy Stupid.”  Of course, that is the over-used tag line that pundits so often employ when they really don’t know (or they forget) what caused the outcome of a political contest.  But it is an excellent explanation of how our system is most often effected.  However, that’s the one thing that many voters seem to forget where national, statewide and even local elections are concerned.  The results of political contests are often determined on anything but the record of the incumbent, no matter how glowing.

The one thing that will most certainly secure defeat for an incumbent candidate is a lagging economy which is fueling the desperate struggles of the electorate.  Sure the candidates… and their operatives, will entertain, anger and incite you through overt or implicit attacks on each other.  Those antics are only the glue that galvanizes the political bases on the right and the left.  Elections are won in the middle!  The mood of those in the middle (moderates and independents) is what secures political victories.

We are already hearing the whispers.  Both sides of the political isle are making statements that represent open acknowledgments that President Obama has already accomplished more in his first two years in office than many Presidents could have hoped to accomplish in a full term.  Not everyone is happy about it (certainly not those on the right), but they are definitely buzzing.  The list of legislative accomplishments that President Obama has amassed is staggering (far too long to chronicle here).  This President has quietly gone about the business of leading,and orchestrating landmark legislation that reflects the mood and the attitudes of an evolving nation (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) while winding down two costly wars.  More importantly, he has also been successful in extending the wealth and power of government to those Americans who are in desperate need and who cannot help themselves (Health Care, Tax Cuts, Unemployment Insurance).

This was been both politically and economically risky.  But this risk has been none-the-less brilliant!  Without question, this was not popular on the right and many on the left were absolutely furious about the recent tax cut compromise plan.  The left will ultimately stand by the President and the right will always oppose him.   But “The Mood in the Middle” was, and remains, pitch perfect.

The next two years will present a Presidential test that none of us can forecast.  Our national economic problems and the associated joblessness rates remain, and far too many Americans are in financial dire straits.  I believe that the President’s focus on rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, education system and creating renewal energy technology could have major positive impacts.  The challenge will be laid at the feet of Congress as deficit and debt reduction strategies will represent both continuing real problems for the nation, as well as a political tinderbox.  The secondary story that may have a tremendous impact was the recent national mid-term elections.  It seems to me that people are paying attention, as well as refusing to accept business as usual in Washington.  I think Congress is finally figuring that out.

Our elected representatives (with some exceptions of course) are coming to realize that inaction and playing politics when the masses are suffering will have consequences.  The nation saw this manifest itself on both sides of the isle during the most recent election cycle.

Politically our President does not reside exclusively on the left, on the right or in the center.  He has governed in a way that is both pragmatic and most often non-partisan.  I believe I know why.  He told us.  I was among those who listened carefully when he gave his acceptance speech in Lincoln Park in Chicago in 2008.  And he clearly signaled his intent on that historic night.

And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn – I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your President too.”

As for the liberals (counting myself among them) who wait in anticipation for the President to go on the partisan attack, it ain’t gonna happen.  This is a man who is bent on doing what is best for the whole of this nation.  Although his opposition is at times brutal, his focus is unwavering and his personal resolve is made of the highest quality steel.

At the end of the day, his future is in the hands of the economy.  He has already raised the bar and recreated the political landscape.  He has done so at a record setting pace and secured a place in history along with the admiration, respect and loyalty of many across the nation and across the world.  The nation’s economy and that alone, will be his final test…

Should President Obama be a one term President, that will only represent another amazing chapter in his story… and that of America.  What he has done to date is just simply miraculous.

In the infamous words of George W. Bush, “Heck of a job Barry.”  Well… you get my point.

L. A. Walker

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  1. December 27, 2010 4:02 pm

    Finally a balanced, realistic, and truthful article about the accomplishments of this setting president. (Barack Obama: The One Term President Hall of Fame)
    Great Job, President Obama.
    Great Job, Leon Walker in pen.

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