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Dead Birds & Terror Plots

January 5, 2011

E.J. Manning

As the new year has greeted the world, birds seem to be dropping out of the sky. Originally, the problem with a dying bat population, dying fish and birds in Arkansas and Louisiana, and dying birds in a few locations were being attributed to natural causes, parasites, storms and the like. Even  trauma has been blamed.

In Arkansas, fireworks have been blamed for thousands of confused and dying blackbirds. Power lines were blamed for the mass deaths of birds in Louisiana. Other states are now seeing the same problem, even as scientists and newscasters cite a variety of possible, but separate causes, e-coli poisoning among them.  Now the problem has been discovered in Sweden, the only known foreign incident at this time. Sooner or later the nation needs to wake up to the idea that a larger, but more subtle environmental problem likely exists. Despite the recent clamor, the U.S. Geological Service says that mass bird deaths are not uncommon.

Many in the population have speculated that bad weather has been to blame. The nation has certainly had its share of freakish weather. Others have posed that a single leading bird that becomes confused could have led groups of birds to a fatal plunge. A few frightened schoolkids have guessed that the birds committed mass suicide. Others say that the apocalypse is surely on the way. Others say that the we are living with the end of the world as we know it because of climate issues. Still others would rather suppose that Planet X is gatecrashing our solar system, that the earth is about to suffer a magnetic pole inversion or that tiny nanobots have found the birds first.

More likely is the possibility of industrial pollution and contamination that has been undetected so far. Another possibility is that terrorists are ramping up a viral, bacterial or biological contamination that is showing up in the bird population first. This could equated to a canary in a coal mine scenario. The level of contamination isn’t high enough yet to kill other animals or humans that we know of. We also know that not all terrorists are equally capable. This curiosity has been clearly in evidence with the underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber. Curiously, Pravda reports that Scandinavia is dealing with an increase in Islamic extremism. We already have a silent problem in the U.S. Could the dead birds in both Sweden and the USA have anything to do with terrorist biological testing or a new secret weapon?

This mystery won’t likely be solved anytime soon, but an increase of panic seems to be in the wings, especially among the wackos. They would sooner look at Planet X, nanobots and global warming rather than industrial contamination or terrorist tinkering and experimentation. Just remember. It could be a gust of solar wind too, since in the minds of many, this is more likely than incompetent terrorists.


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