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Freedom: Is There An App For That?

February 14, 2011

The concept of globalization, once defined by some in the U.S. as “the New World Order,” has implications that had not been fully considered by its orchestrators.  My response to this would be simply to say:  “Be careful what you ask for.”  Perhaps, it was simply a failure on the part of the world-economy architects to anticipate the social and political impacts of globalization.  It seems the impacts of globalization and specifically, the super highway of the internet, ecommerce and social media, have been transformed into “the Freedom Road of the 21st Century.”

Without a question, the future of democracy where the citizens of Egypt and other countries around the middle-east and the world, remains uncertain.  What is clear, is that around the world, people of many nations are trending toward and expressing a strong desire for some form of participatory government.  They may be learning toward something that resembles western democracy.  But this remains unclear.  Recent media reporting has centered on the Middle East and North Africa.  Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Jordan are among many countries that are at the center of this rising storm and the fight for freedom, opportunity, social justice and equality.  Meantime, Iran is bracing for new demonstrations while contriving ways to suppress a people who have previously signaled discontent.  Who knows where this will end.

global connectionInformation has tremendous value and the power of an informed public must not be underestimated.  Moreover, the internet and social networks have provided a worldwide stage that provides a real-time venue for an international audience.  As a result, those who have in the past ruled their nations with an iron fist while depriving their citizens of freedom and a reasonable quality of life are now in a severe quandary.   The corrupt leadership of countries around the world are, one after the other, finding themselves under public (or rather global) scrutiny.  Their traditional option, which was to put down resistance and public outcry by visiting violence on their people, has been nearly eliminated because these horrific tactics and methods of rule can be seen globally in a matter of seconds…

The concept of globalization, where the exchange of information and the expansion of markets are concerned, is sound on its basis.  The problem is, it was always intended to function as a vehicle for the further consolidation of wealth and power by the wealthy and privileged.  What they (the planners of this global business coup) never anticipated was that they might pierce the blinding veil of suppression that is key to their efforts to further control and deprive people all over the world.  Now, “the common people” have found the true value of the internet and perhaps more importantly, they are beginning to see that suppression and poverty do not have to be the absolute standard of living that they accept.  No.  People around the world can now see over the horizon…  and for those who unwittingly lifted the information blindfold, that’s a big problem.

resistanceThere will always be those who find it necessary to cast dispersion on those who choose to resist, no matter what methods of resistance they choose to employ.  But those who criticize efforts to achieve freedom by people of any nation, are the very same culprits who have promoted wars, supported corrupt governments and the victimization of the global society.    They are the ones who are responsible for what may be the greatest social miscalculation in the history of the world.  Now the genie is now out of the bottle and people around the world are making their demands known.  Although we don’t have a clear view of the future, I believe that the same information highway that gave deprived people a glimpse of freedom will guide them in governing more peaceful transitions to welcoming and open societies.  They have seen a better way of life.  Now they want a slice of it for themselves…

globalist george soros Yes, the internet means that we now live in a global society.  The world is now an inter-connected matrix of sovereign states and the tools that have been utilized to manipulate societies (fear, hate, war and religion) are being irradiated by clear impressions that people are developing about their global neighbors. The Presidents, Prime Ministers and potentates no longer have the power to victimize their people as they demonize other cultures, because their people are now informed.  They are also armed with truths about societies and friends they have never met, but with whom they have connected with in a very real way on the internet.  Apparently therein can be found great strength and power.

It does not sound like such a big thing, but it’s a really, really big deal!  Just ask Hosni Mubarak…

Freedom?  Damn right!  There’s an app for that.

Leon A. Walker

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  1. February 17, 2011 4:36 am

    Excellent article Mr. Walker.

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