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Wisconsin’s Governor: Mubarak of the Midwest!

February 24, 2011

reagan light bulbIn spite of what the nation may be repeatedly told by revisionist historians, former president Ronald Reagan was not was not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. In fact, some (like me) would characterize him as a terrible president! In truth, I remember him to be somewhat of a dunce. The greatest difference between Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Ronald Reagan is that Governor Walker is both a bully and a dunce! Governor Walker is fixated on terrorizing his own people. He is ready to fire them when he feels he can justify it and he has already alerted the National Guard. What’s next? Dogs and tear gas?

The political hero worship that the nation sees on both the left and the right as served up by the pundits is really pretty ridiculous. The one thing that any reasonable American citizen should know about politicians (particularly at the state and national level) is that they are all whoring for someone. Okay, there may be a few exceptions. But I can’t think of any right now. The American political system is just as corrupt as any you would find in the Middle East or in any banana republic. Who are we kidding!? American politicians are taking money, often in the form of political contributions, and in return they are legislating in ways that open doors for their greedy and corrupt supporters.

open season on WisconsinYes, doors are being opened which allow corporations to continue the ongoing assault on the American working and middle classes. The unbridled daring with which these politicians facilitate the national economic demise is just plain insulting! The problem is that they (the politicians) don’t seem to get the fact that their governmental larceny is being seen by the whole of the nation as their political rhetoric falls on deaf ears. Is this starting to sound a bit familiar?

egypt riotsSome have compared the events (protests) in Wisconsin to what has been taking place in the Middle East. The similarities, when viewed through the lens of an average working citizen are actually starkly similar! The only difference is that the citizens of the Middle East are trying to undo the horrible impacts of consolidated wealth and power while some of the most powerful people in America are trying to recreate the antiquated Middle Eastern social and economic model. The obvious plan here in America is to drive down the quality of life for all Americans while saddling them with as much debt as possible. In concert with this, large corporations along with the most wealthy, powerful business entities and families in our society will amass broader swaths of control, power and unimaginable wealth! This wealth and power equals or surpasses the most despicable potentates and dictators. Think about it. Your government has supported oppressive governments around the world for the whole of the recent national history. Now we are on the very cusp of morphing into one ourselves.

american projectIf you want to envision the decline of the American way of life, just imagine side by side escalators, one going up and one going down. In general terms the people of the Middle East are making an effort to rise out of the depths of poverty and suppression. They have made an effort to lift the iron fist of economic, political and social tyranny. It remains to be seen what the outcomes will be nation by nation. But at least they are fighting back against the long standing greed and corruption that has been the cornerstone of their dark societies. And what are we doing in America? We are bending like battered willow trees as our quality of life descends into oblivion. We are succumbing to the iron fist of economic, political and social tyranny.

For the most part we sit by and watch politicians create paths for special interests to garner greater wealth and control, and in doing so, politicians put their constituents at risk. Governor Walker is just latest and perhaps the most obtuse example of the poisonous impacts of money and influence in American politics. Unfortunately, like Hosni Mubarak and so many others who are being toppled in the Middle East, our American politicians have not yet developed a full appreciation of how transparent the veil over their corruption really is. Like the tumbling dictators of the Middle East, many American politicians have convinced themselves that they are adored by the broad electorate. Wrong!

wisconsin riotI think that few Americans are surprised that Governor Walker was duped and caught on tape seeking a pat on the head from one of the nation’s most powerful industrialists. I would have expected as much, but I would have preferred not to actually witness it. In truth we already knew he was a puppet for the rich and powerful. People are unemployed. People are losing their homes. People are dying as a result of corporate manslaughter all across this nation. Now, under the guise of balancing budgets, the non-elite masses of this nation are again being targeted and recklessly victimized. From Washington to Wisconsin and across the nation, the plan is to provide the lowest possible standards of education, safety, health care, Medicare, Medicaid and social security. The Middle East model of deprivation and cultivating poverty is becoming the “American New Norm.”

Yes, the American unions must go! American citizens must not be permitted to organize against the corporatocracy that this nation has become. An organized workforce represents a greater threat to corporate profits! The “American New Norm” says that everything must go. Safety regulations and consumer protections must go, because they equal costs, especially greater expense to large powerful corporations. Now these corporations must manipulate governors and politicians all across the nation! They must eliminate all of the rules and any opposition to industrial practices, no matter how ruthless and destructive. Corporate America wants to make more money, period! If more Americans must die in industrial accidents or be victimized and forced into unemployment, or impoverished by the millions, then this must just simply be accepted as a byproduct of the “American New Norm,” a new open season for the terrorism of the people.

Governor Walker, you’re no Ronald Reagan…

Leon A. Walker

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  1. February 24, 2011 3:11 pm

    Bravo Mr. Walker! The US politic needs to look at itself much closer before minding the business of everyone else.

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