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Mike Huckabee: A Cry for Help?

March 4, 2011

In consideration of all that President Obama has accomplished in his life; both as a responsible adult and as the President of the United States, I can’t imagine where former Governor Huckabee’s intense focus on the President’s early childhood education and experience stem from. Why is the development of a pubescent or adolescent boy such a passionate point of interest with Mike Huckabee?

huck halo

I am not suggesting that Mr. Huckabee is a pedophile, but I am subtly suggesting that, in an abundance of caution, it might be prudent to keep your children away from him. Certainly if Mr. Huckabee can analyze our President’s early development (supposedly in Kenya) from afar, and go on to make public statements about the long term impacts on the President’s life, then at least in his own mind, he believes he is qualified to provide a diagnosis or prognosis regarding the psyche of our President. In the same way, I am tapping into my self-proclaimed credentials as a Clinical Psychologist and making an assessment of Mr. Huckabee. Clearly there is a need for such an assessment. After all, Huckabee is representing himself as the voice of America. If there is an underlying basis for his words and actions that represent any measure of a potential danger to our young citizens, then we must fully acknowledge the need to assess Mr. Huckabee as a community or social threat. Are our children safe around Mike Huckabee? Americans need to start thinking and talking about this!

Some in the media have suggested that Mr. Huckabee is engaging in hateful and diabolical (racist dog whistle) tactics against the President Obama to further his own political ambitions. Other theories suggest that Huckabee is simply a paid pawn of the right wing as we approach the 2012 elections. I prefer to take a more compassionate view of what is taking place in Huckabee’s mind. It may very well be that Mr. Huckabee realizes that he is sick or troubled and that he wants help. He is desperately seeking to find a way to ease his troubled soul. This is potentially a tragic story and a maybe, just maybe, a cry for help.

huck fantasyAs a further point of emphasis, Mr. Huckabee recently spoke about our President in his youth and suggested that his developmental years in Kenya are at the root of his world view as an adult. This may seem to be a bit of a curious comment to some, given that the President did not grow up in Kenya. But in my professional view, Mr. Huckabee may not have been envisioning the President’s life in Kenya at all. He may have been simply dreaming about any child or little boy, and these deep-seeded thoughts have now found a way of becoming woven into his psyche, becoming manifest in his public statements. Huckabee later made a comment about being comfortable with a childhood which included Little League and Boy Scouts. Again, a reference to boys and an indicator that Mr. Huckabee may have a predisposition to dreaming about young and adolescent children. These are not proven facts, but they are red flags that all of America and the world should be talking and tweeting about. Certainly these statements about Huckabee are no less credible than his own assessments of our President.

There is a lot going on in the nation and the world and President Obama has a lot on his plate. This above all lends credibility to the fact that focusing so intently on the President’s childhood may potentially be a twisted obsession flowing from a sick mind. Huckabee worries me.

competitionAs prompted by Mr. Huckabee’s public psycho-analysis of President Obama, and as a self proclaimed Clinical Psychologist, I cannot recall a single case where a mature adult was so intensely focused on a child or an adolescent and where some measure of concern was not warranted. Actually, Mr. Huckabee is my first client (from afar), but even with my limited experience, I can generally spot a weirdo and a pervert when I see one. And no, I’m not saying that Mr. Huckabee is a weirdo, a pervert or even a pedophile. What I am saying is that in my professional opinion, it is very unseemly for a mature male to fantasize about the lives of little boys. This is especially true when the wild stories spring from fantasies which have no basis in reality.

I invite anyone who has read this column to email or tweet it to anyone (in the nation and the world) what they know or care about. To do so is a matter of sheer prudence, with the hope that if there are any real victims out there, then they might come forward. It is possible the Mr. Huckabee is simply a good (albeit confused) man. If he has issued a cry for help, then I want to be there to provide a helping hand, to ensure that he gets the professional treatment and assistance that he requires.

straight jacketJust this once, let’s set aside politics. Certainly nobody in America would stoop to attacking a person’s childhood as a political smear tactic. I refuse to believe that American politics have sunk so low…

Use Facebook, Twitter, email or any other method or medium you have access to. Mike Huckabee must certainly be asking for our help.

L. A. Walker

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  1. bettyboo51 permalink
    March 4, 2011 11:34 pm

    When a man knows where he is going, the World steps aside and let him pass. Here comes such a man in L.A. Walker, and not only will the World let him pass, but They will hear him out because what he writes is carefully written and analyzed. Methodically, he separates Fact from Fantasy which makes his comments even more intriquing. Others like Mr. Huckabee cannot see the Forest for the Trees!

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