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Muammar Gaddafi: Dictator Du Jour

March 24, 2011

muammar gaddafiThe truth of the matter is that the United States has, and continues to support dictators around the world. For many reasons this support has been financial, diplomatic and military. From a hand full of countries across the African continent and throughout the Middle East; America has for generations looked the other way as women and entire tribes have been victims of social suppression and even mass murder. Even China, one of our largest trading partners is the essence of a corrupt, repressive and brutal communist regime. You don’t see the U.S. running over there to start an armed conflict on a so-called moral basis.

I get the whole social engineering thing. If you tell a lie long enough, people will start to believe it. The “War on Terror” is a classic example. This is a brilliant social and political concept that is without defined limits, and one that provides a horrifying image of an unknown enemy that will never go away. That’s convenient. Therefore, powers that be in the U.S. continue to tell the lie that the nation is justified in keeping the war machine in production and our army on the march. It’s a trillion dollar industry! So let’s not kid ourselves anymore… the human lives don’t matter. Neither does our budget deficit. That’s because somebody’s getting very rich cashing in on the cost of war. So whenever we identify a new dictator to attack, they (the beloved arms merchants) start licking their chops! What do they care if someone’s kid from Iowa or the Southside of Chicago gets killed. In America, economics trump morality every time!

cartoon-gaddafiNot unlike Iraq, Libya has a tremendous amount of oil and infrastructure that belongs to large U.S. and multinational corporations. So, when these trillions of dollars in infrastructure and revenue are threatened by unrest, an invisible chain reaction takes place. The mega-wealthy and multinational corporations put pressure on Congressional representatives, who then put pressure on the President and poof! The United States military is on the march again. Poof! The dictator (and known terrorist supporters) who yesterday was a stable business partner in the region (and with whom we were seeking to normalize relations) is now suddenly a loose cannon who must step down. Why is the world told that must he step down now? He must step down because he is endangering, killing and suppressing his own people. You know, kind of like they have done in Saudi Arabia, Iran, China and Sudan and Russia Rwanda and well… Wisconsin –where suppression is concerned. Who the hell are we kidding?

multinational angelsWhy can’t we mind our own business? The answer is pretty simple. Our government needs to provide lots of avenues through which the mega-wealthy and multinationals angels can steal the money of the world. Whether it is engaging in armed conflicts, striking down environmental regulations, or legislating tax loopholes, starting wars, overlooking corporate banking and housing irregularities or manipulating oil and commodity prices, you can rest assured that the interests of the average working American are not being considered and certainly not protected. That is the truth no matter what your political affiliation is! America has descended into a debtor state, where everyone is a commodity!

godfatherThe wealthy and the government are working in concert to take as much from each working citizen that they can. It is a systematic plan to reduce the American standard of living and to force more people into near or actual poverty. That way, more wealth and power can be consolidated in to the miniscule controlling class that rules (remember the word: rules) this country.

As Sonny said to his brother Michael in the movie The Godfather, “Did you go to college to get stupid or something?” These wars are not about peace, freedom, democracy or morality. What’s changed? Is Iraq or Afghanistan any more safe or stable or free? No! These wars are about power and control, money and commodities (like oil). Americans keep believing the same lies. “There is a war on terror”, “Islam is evil”, “All Arabs are potential terrorists”. It’s all a bunch of propaganda. Although you quake with fear and allow your sons and daughters to be killed because you believe these lies and the patriotic hyperbole, you will one day find that there is, and there was, nothing to win. You will discover, at the end of the day, that a fortune in treasure has been stolen.

dictator-goldWould you like a suggestion on how to reduce or stop radical terrorist activity? Why don’t we try this? Get the hell out of their countries and leave them alone? We’ve tried the war thing and from where I sit it’s not working…

Libya is not special and they have nothing to do with America. They are just another country being run by a crazy dictator. They do not deserve our military attention. Gaddafi may be a scumbag, but we’ve know that for a very long time. He is simply being singled now out as the Dictator Du Jour. This ploy is not because of civil unrest, suppression or even murder. He is being cut loose because he has no further value. Gaddafi could no longer control the masses of his population to keep the foreign oil infrastructure and oil interests in his country protected, secure and operating (uninterrupted) at profitable levels.

Gaddafi has to go, but only because some very wealthy multinational scumbags out there want to take his oil and gold.

L. A. Walker

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