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Preparing for Martial Law

May 28, 2011

martial lawMost Americans want to think that government has your best interests at heart. You want to believe that don’t you? Government actions continue to prove that much of the modern world is engaging in wishful thinking when it comes to the why of what government does and the legislation that leaders pass. In the United States, the people are subject to a government that seeks at every turn to undermine constitutional rights of the people, often couched or presented under the name of security.

Executive Order 10995: Seizure of all communications media – radio, television, newspapers, CB and Ham radio, telephones and the internet (suspension of the first amendment).

Executive Order 10997: Seizure of all electrical power and fossil fuels.

Executive Order 10998: Seizure of all food sources, farms and farm equipment. Food will be rationed. Some states have  laws stating that keeping over a one week’s supply of food is hoarding and unlawful.

Executive Order 10999: Seizure of all transportation and control of all highways, interstates and seaports. Any vehicle, public or private, can be taken.

Executive Order 11000: Seizure of all civilians for work under Federal supervision.

Executive Order 11003: Seizure of all airports and aircraft, public or private.

Executive Order 11004: Housing and Finance given authority for population relocation.

Executive Order 12919: Directs various Cabinet officials to be ready to take over all aspects of the United States economy during a state of national emergency at the direction of the president.

Executive Order 13010: Directs FEMA to take control over all government agencies in times of emergency. FEMA is under the direct control of the executive branch of government.

Executive Order 11490: Establishes presidential control over all United States citizens, businesses, and churches in times of emergency. These are executive orders were passed by presidents through recent history that were elected to preserve our freedoms and the Constitution. Their duplicities show that they have no intention of honoring the ideals of the constitutional republic handed down to the people, that they are the very men that the Founders warned us about. In shorthand, these Executive Orders tell the world that the dominoes are in place to subject the American people to a state of law nationwide. The truth is that American presidents, governors and mayors have flexed their muscle at various times throughout national history.

As recently as 2005, the city of New Orleans was under orders of martial law after Hurricane Katrina. These orders stripped remaining law-abiding citizens of their ability to protect, defend themselves and their property. The nation has Executive Orders paving the way for martial law has precedence for it. All that’s needed in order to put martial law into motion is a trigger point, whether real or imaginary.



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