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US Politics: What Good Is Power?

June 10, 2011

Clinton & LewinskyI’m not kidding myself any longer. It’s about time we stop bothering with our politicians and Congressional representatives. They are too busy having sex to deal with our needs. It is interesting to note that whenever there is a new scandal each major party points the finger of shameful judgment at the offender. They stand before the cameras and pretend as if they have not done something beneath the high moral standards of the United States Congress. But it’s starting to look to me as if this problem is deeply embedded in their congressional culture. In general terms, I’m starting to consider that maybe they all are doing it!

Elliot Spitzer and wifeClearly our congressional representatives are far too busy with matters of the flesh to address the important concerns of the average American. For as long as I have had even a passing interest in politics there has been high level political sex scandals. This ranges from John and Teddy Kennedy, to Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton, and more recently David Vitter, Larry Craig, Mark Sanford, John Ensign, Arnold Schwartznager, Christopher Lee, and now, Anthony Weiner. Why don’t you take a second to see how many more you can add to this list just from memory? The numbers have gotten pretty significant!

Looking at your national legislative branch of government from a macro-view, it is clear that most of what you hear in the media (left or right wing) is intentionally slanted for a political purpose. Sure, some news outlets are much more biased than others, and yes, one in particular (Fox) has been repeatedly singled out for blatant and intentional lies. I used to think that was horrible. With few exceptions, if you look at the names above and recall their particular scandals, they lied outright too! So yes, it is obvious that an overall view of American politics will only provide you with lies and BS. Nothing more.

Anthony WeinerIf you take the time to drill down to the micro-level of American politics, what you learn is that our elected officials expend a good deal of effort raising money to ensure that they can remain in office and live a very comfortable lifestyle. This is an existence that apparently often corrupts on the basis of  lavish lifestyle and massive power. It is clear from the example of our politicians that serving the special interests that ensures personal comfort and finances their reelections is their greatest and often their exclusive priority.

So finally, when you drill further down into national issues, you will find that these (the things that concern the average American) are now only bi-products of government. Unfortunately, far too many Americans are already brainwashed by biased rhetoric before they can truly understand our system. The fact is that what we (you and I) want or need may or may not get done, since we are the last congressional priority. It absolutely does not matter what political party you are affiliated with! Today our government’s focus, the needs of the people, are only loosely tied to the higher priority wants and desires of powerful special interests… and then, only if the wants and needs of the voters do not interfere with the powerful influences of wealthy corporations and special interest groups. After all that it may be possible for Congress may take some time to consider or address what the whole of the nation wants or needs. All one has to do is recall discussions of tactics that ranges from the restructuring of Medicare to raising the debt ceiling.

Where would the average American benefit from such a ploy? Consider keeping tax cuts in place for the wealthy, just so that the unemployed could get an extension of unemployment benefits (at a time when so many people are suffering and even homeless).

war time USAThen there are the hollow justifications for keeping two meaningless wars going so that powerful arms manufacturers and contractors who have lucrative contracts for rebuilding infrastructure in other nations can make billions. All of this, while American infrastructure crumbles, as the nation goes broke economically and while the people of the nation lack sustainable employment. Tragically, and most importantly, nearly twice as many of our citizens have been killed in war since 911, and tens of thousands wounded for no clear or justifiable reason. This is probably the best example of the fact that our legislative branch has no concern or respect for the average American. Support the troops? That is the most horrible and disrespectful words of political mental masturbation a legislator can utter! If they supported and respected our fighting men and women they would have brought them home years ago! What our legislators have done to our troops over the past 10 years is the worst travesty and abuse of power in the history of this nation since human bondage. The American generals (who have well proven their incompetence over 10 years) who seek to justify their existence at the expense of more American lives should be tried and hanged for their reckless arrogance and shocking ineptitude!

I have no illusions about immorality or corruption in Congress. I expect and welcome more scandals of impropriety. Why? Because, given the horrible job our Congress is doing, it just might be to our advantage if they continue to busy themselves having sex (until we vote them out). Perhaps they will have less time to further screw things up. No pun intended…Weiner built for corruption

Leon A. Walker

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