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Michelle Bachmann: The Queen of the Right Wing

June 17, 2011

michelle bachman direct the choirThere was bound to be a showdown between the two female darlings of the Republican Party. In the case of Michelle Bachmann versus Sarah Palin, the faceoff may not have been calculated or intentional. In fact, the loser of the contest to be “Queen of the Right Wing” did not even bother to be present at the pageant. What has been made clear following the New Hampshire Debate, is that between the two ambitious and attractive political figures (Bachmann and Palin) only one remains a truly viable national political figure. That would be the better educated, more poised and more politically and generally cultured and sophisticated, Michelle Bachmann.

Michelle Bachmann, as a result of her recent performance at the Republican debate is now considered the leading female politician in the Republican Party. This is supported by her polling numbers, as well as her ability and willingness to address real issues along with her eagerness to do so enthusiastically, with an apparent and somewhat in-depth knowledge of history and facts. True, she has sometimes, as politicians on the right often do, misstated significant facts. But unlike her crass and unsophisticated sister Sarah, Ms. Bachmann is clearly “not” politically and historically inept in the same sense.

women presidents?Sarah Palin is now being seen by many Republicans as a grotesquely deformed and incredibly twisted political hybrid. She is the blend of a mean-spirited political pundit (like Ann Colter) and a ruthless money-grubbing party parasite (like Newt Gingrich). Palin has taken the easy road to self promotion and personal profit. This, while forgoing any social, political study or research, as she avoids the responsibility of crafting any viable solutions to critical issues. I almost failed to mention that Palin has created and employed a childish strategy to avoid the main stream media. Using her public image for exclusively personal reasons, Palin has diminished her own credibility (and eroded the viability of many of her colleagues). She has accomplished this across a broad expanse of the Republican voting bloc by “dumbing down” the message.

Bachmann deserves to be the female leader of the Republican Party. Her history of making shocking statements is fuel for the right-wing base as well as the Tea Party. Bachmann vigorously promotes conservative Christian and traditional ‘family values’ which will also continue to be broadly appealing on the right. Although I consider Ms. Bachmann to be more than a bit outrageous where her political and social beliefs are concerned, it is clear that she does (at times) have the ability to present herself as a mature and informed Congressional representative, as well as a prepared candidate. Bachmann’s position in Congress lends credence to this necessary illusion (image). She does more than just shoot her mouth off; she serves. When you compare her to her immature and selfish sister Sarah, there is no contest where professional savvy is concerned. Bachmann wins hands down!

bachmannIt is important to note that I do not consider that Ms. Bachmann will make a serious run for the Presidency of the United States. But, given her droll competition, she might well make a serious run for the Republican Party nomination,  at which time she would most probably get trounced in a general election by President Obama. But who knows what the mood of the nation will be in by that time.

Certainly, the impacts of unemployment and our continued challenges with a struggling economy could be the President’s undoing. It will be very interesting to see who both parties blame for our economic and employment woes. Certainly some will blame President Obama (and deservedly so) because he is the incumbent. Some will blame the horrible damage that the Bush Administration caused as supported by a partisan Republican congress. Truth be known, both sides of the isle have been totally ineffective where the needs of the average working class American are concerned. For many, all politics aside, the pendulum continues to swing from bad to worse; and then back to bad… People are tired of suffering and they are ready to try anything to ease the economic pain.

obamaNobody really expected that Barack Obama could win the Presidency (at least not initially). His message of hope and change came at a time when people were hurting and desperate. Well, people are still hurting and desperate. In my mind that means anything is possible.

Could we end up with a right-wing lunatic (like Bachmann) in the White House? Absolutely! I don’t think it likely, but these are interesting times.

L. A. Walker

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