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American Politics: Maybe it’s A Good Time to be Stupid

June 23, 2011

stupidMaybe it’s a good time to be stupid! There are certainly forces at work which are betting that you are too stupid to appreciate or understand the outrageous graft that has overtaken the national political system of the United States.  In fact, I almost wish I were as stupid as they think I am!  Perhaps then, I would not be so consumed with concern over the condition of this nation, and our misguided Congressional leadership.

If you were ever going to get engaged in the political process; this would be a very good time.  Even if you are not particularly well educated, it does not mean that you’re stupid, unable to understand the issues that face this nation, or more importantly, the issues that impact your life personally.  But lots of influential political pundits and media figures are banking on you and I being stupid.  They keep feeding the nation emotional culture-war diversions that that they believe will keep us looking the other way while they steal our money and our freedoms.  These people think we are so stupid that it is incredibly insulting.  The real problem is there is often very little truth told in the media about the real issues.

banking on stupidityCongress is spending trillions, nearly half (half) of the nation’s discretionary budget on wars, (and after 10 years) no clear cultural or geo-political advantage has been achieved that I can see.  This, while the U.S. funds and operates nearly 800 military installations around the world and defense contractors make scads of money.  Thousands of our young men and women have been killed and tens of thousands more, maimed and wounded.  This says nothing about the invisible government that is never reformed behind the scenes. Congress thinks you’re so stupid, they tell you to “Support the Troops”, as if that’s the ultimate excuse or reason for you to turn a blind eye to the death, carnage, theft and graft that they are responsible for.

Congress is spending billions on subsidies that go to oil and gas corporations that are making record profits.  As national tax dollars support them in their profit taking, energy prices are skyrocketing.  Congress thinks you’re so incredible stupid that they simply tell you that this is necessary to ensure the continued health, stability and strength of these industries.  All the nation can do is pay the energy prices without alternatives.

dollar toilet paperCongress is wasting billions in potential tax dollars (revenues) by allowing tax breaks to massive corporations and wealthy individuals.  This, while you are required to pay every penny of your taxes and many Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to even live in modest comfort.  But again, the nation’s Congress thinks that we are so stupid that after all of these years of sweeping economic woes, they can still convince us that wealth and opportunity will “trickle down” from the wealthy.  From where I sit, things have been trickling up for a very long time.  Things are only getting worse for working people.

Congress is spending billions rebuilding other nations around the world and providing all measure of humanitarian assistance.  Much of our national infrastructure is in desperate need of repair while Americans who are jobless and homeless have nowhere to turn for humanitarian aid or assistance of any sort from their own country and countrymen.  The nation’s Congress thinks we’re so stupid that they tell us that we need to continue to build traditional diplomatic relationships and be the world leader.

All of this continues in spite of the fact that nearly a dozen of the corrupt regimes, that the United States government has supported financially for decades, are now crumbling and in political turmoil.  How much money does Congress want to continue to give Libya and Egypt, Iraq, Syria (and others)?

petri dish of politicsIn the meantime some Americans, who apparently really are stupid, are spending their time worrying and getting very angry about ‘culture wars,’ or what high profile politician is involved in the latest sex scandal.  The fact is the same politicians and Congressional representatives who are having indiscriminate sex are also screwing us over royally!   Then there are the stupid American people who are so incredibly upset that the President of the United States is BLACK, that they are still focused on trying to prove the impossible (like he was born in Kenya).  These people are completely blind to any rational reasoning where real political issues are concerned.  They are obsessed with the nothingness of color!  Then there are the fantastically stupid people who are so upset over the concept of gay rights, that they have completely lost (or never understood) the concept of American Constitutional Rights, not that this means anything of course.

None of this stuff really requires any thought.  All you have to do is get angry, to hate, and refuse to think!  When you do this Congress has you just where they want you; right in the middle of the stupid zone!  While you’re watching news about emotional culture wars and social issues, Congress and the super wealthy will continue to manipulate the laws and rob the nation blind.

I’m no longer appalled by the outrageous charlatans like Gingrich, Palin and O’Donnell who use political campaigning to legally embezzle money from contributors as a professional lifestyle.  That is a logical outgrowth of a political system that has long ago left the people behind and become a cesspool.  This cesspool overflows with the most ruthless, vile, ego-centric and self serving traitors this nation has to offer.  These people parade themselves on the public stage as the best and brightest political standard bearers for America.

important messageAll of you legitimately stupid people out there should consider yourselves fortunate.  You have no idea how much of your money, the very source of your life, is being stolen and how badly your government representatives are victimizing you.

Sadly, those of us with half a brain can see and understand what is happening to America and her people. That is heartbreaking…

L. A. Walker

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  1. February 19, 2012 3:33 am

    I share your sentiments in this post and am interested in finding out what you would suggest for the citizens of this country.

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