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Storm Clouds: U.S. Government & Its Debt to You

July 12, 2011

E.J. Manning

President Obama says that over 70 million checks, including veterans, unemployment, social security and disability checks, will not be sent out on or after August 3rd because the government is coming up on flat broke. At least, this is the public line to put a good scare into America. It should be the other way around.

The reality is that Social Security has $2.5 trillion in public coffers and is set for the next 25 years if nothing is done. The government has squandered that money for foreign giveaways, wars, bailouts and the like. The price for doing that ought to be their heads, as it usually is when a government exceeds its authority.

If this government defaults on these obligations to Americans, a personal war will be in place for many more Americans than previously. You paid into a system of promises that cannot pay what has been promised. These are promises that the nation depends on on while they take care of everyone else overseas. The Feds are afraid of distancing multinational corporations and the filthy rich, even if they are the minority. The wars overseas have robbed over $3 trillion of public for little, if any good, all in the name of democracy. This says nothing about the $12.5 trillion in overspending bailing out banking, finance and insurance. That’s Wall Street to you and me!

Are you willing to fight for what you have earned or will you roll over and play dead? Will you reward the Obama Administration and Congress by ignoring their inability to deal with their responsibility as they seek to cast it on you? The incompetence of politicians cannot be rewarded. As I said, they should be afraid of the people of this nation since they are about to embark on a course of terrorism upon their own people.

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