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Racism: The Indominable Herman Cain

July 15, 2011

Herman CainPeople of color in the United States are saying some really terrible things about Herman Cain. Well… actually, people across the racial and political spectrum are saying terrible things about Mr. Cain.

When will these self-abhorrent black people ever learn? The right-wing lunatic fringe in America is notoriously racist! To win a political contest as a Conservative Republican, you need their support. That is something that Mr. Cain will never be fortunate enough to receive. My racism charge is not just a personal opinion; it is very clearly borne out in American history.

Countless examples that have been presented in the form of hideous jokes and caricatures since Barack Obama has become our nation’s President. Frankly, I’m not mad at the right-wing. At least I know where they’re coming from. That way I know who to distance myself from. So what is Herman’s problem?

Herman Cain, being a southerner and from the era of the Dixiecrat, must clearly know all of this. What has he done? Ole Herman has begun playing the race-baiting game along with the white-right as if he’s “white folk” himself. His blinding obsession with becoming or being seen as something other than black is leading him to the public slaughter. But let’s face it; many of us know someone like Herman Cain. That black person thinks they have made it and therefore being black does not comport their new shiny image of themselves. So they immerse themselves in a white existence and their magic mirrors begin lying to them each morning. They move into a white neighborhood, marry a white woman (like Clarence Thomas) or maybe a “light-skin-did” black woman might do. Or in this case, an ordinary “Uncle Thomasina” (as in the case of Ms. Cain). These people seem to develop selective vision. These significant ones actually lose sight of the fact that they are actually still black people.

The truth is that Herman Cain is O.J. Simpson on political crack cocaine! Yes, there are those who may support Hopeless Herman. But for the most part, Black America has already turned against him, and the racist white-far-right, just loves to see a black person dance for them and sing the songs (as evidenced by the noticeably average gospel songs Herman has recently publicized)! But it goes without saying; they will never vote for him. When those people say the words “White House” they mean it literally. But at least we know where they are coming from. Mr. Cain still has not figured it out.

Herman Cain will never get the support of any significant number of white voters as he seeks the Republican Party Nomination for President. Along with that, the idea that he is a  “Black Conservative” has erased virtually any support that he might find in the minority voting blocks. This is to say nothing of the impacts of the inflammatory comments he has made about the President, blacks and hispanics (particularly Mexicans). Now if Mr. Cain is such a good business man, then he can certainly understand these trends and the associated numbers. Since Mr. Cain understands that he is not a viable candidate, due to limited support, then why would he put himself in this position? Why would he allow himself to become the national “Pizza Delivery Boy,” being loathed by minorities and mocked by whites across the nation?

Mr. Cain has already become the “Black Donald Trump” in many quarters. He is the latest cocktail party joke and the nation’s newest, larger than life “Uncle Tom.” If Mr. Cain finds himself welcomed into a few rooms full of white people along the campaign trail, then apparently he will be blinded by the light… and somehow contented.

This is all about Herman Cain. Like Trump, Palin and Gingrich, some people just want to be the center of attention. If the attention is questionable or even negative doesn’t matter. An ego-maniac can block things out and tell themselves that they are right and in control. They can ignore the voices of reason and calmly soak up the attention from whatever audience they can find. Mr. Cain is still largely a poor “Jim Crow Era” southern boy made good. Now he thinks that he can control things and tell Black Americans how misguided they are. He will tell White Americans that he will take control and give them back the good ole days. He will get the Negro’s back under control. It’s really a pretty pathetic concept to even try to understand. Mr. Cain has chosen to dance this down-home jig on the national stage and disgrace himself at this point in his life.

Okay, I get the fact that Herman Cain has made a success of himself in the business world and has apparently made lots of money. Good for him! But he is not a particularly articulate, dynamic or even handsome man. I’m not suggesting anything negative in general terms. What I’m attempting to make clear is that for a Black American to become President of the United States, they have to be the total package! They have to be incredibly intelligent and accomplished. They have to be twice as good as any other man. More importantly, they must possess a commanding dynamic presence and personality. They must also be able to speak with confident eloquence about any number of topics, personally appealing, yes…charismatic! President Obama is all of these things! Herman Cain is none of them… He’s just an incredibly good pizza mogul. That’s great for him, but it won’t get him elected President!

If he’s lucky the nicest right-wingers in his own state will only see, and remember him as “that nice colored boy who sells pizza”.

Me? I’ll only remember him as one hell of an Uncle Tom. No wait… “Super Tom”.

L. A. Walker

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  1. marilyn permalink
    July 16, 2011 9:49 am

    This article is written by a ignorant biggot wishing to dictate our next leader. Time will tell what Herman Cain will do. If he wins in the run offs the GOP will stand behind him full force and he will be our next president.

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