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Obama: Angry Black Man

August 2, 2011

obama angry?If you consider President Obama’s demeanor from the inception of his candidacy through the present, one thing is clear.  He is intensely concerned about public perception. This is both politically prudent and personally commendable.  This president has had to show himself as a poised and dynamic, intelligent and responsible leader at all costs. For many, this is the basis his broad appeal.  There does come a time when a man must personally and publicly take a firm stand against that which is corrupt, biased and damaging, especially when this corruption threatens the nation.  For Obama this is a slippery slope…

In spite of the attacks, President Obama cannot afford to lose his public cool or to go “all ghetto.” He must not make even a single overtly angry comment on any issue or in response to any attack (even if the attack is racist or personal).  To do so would jeopardize his image nationally and worldwide.  This is a truth that the president clearly understands.  The last thing he could ever do is to be seen as an Angry Black Man!

Our President has endured the most hateful and vicious attacks that I have ever seen a President of the United States undergo.  Certainly I imagined that he would face attacks as a Democrat in a political environment that was controlled by Republicans for the prior eight years.  What has transpired during the Obama Administration is far beyond the pale where civility and American culture are concerned.  The real problem is a right-wing political environment in Washington, and in some red state bastions, that supports the destruction of this presidency at any cost!  The coordinated effort to suppress job growth and the recent debt limit charade are clear evidence that the right-wingers can and will be destroyed if the wealthy don’t get what they want.  What they want is more political control, power and wealth at the expense of the people.

Millions of Americans are being manipulated by the media and being made to believe that the government is the enemy.  A national movement to brainwash the vulnerable who would rather believe that a black man instead of a partisan and corrupt congress, is the source of their woes in life.  Millions of Americans are being made to believe that government spending is the source of their problems.  The fact is that there are times when government fiscal intervention (when necessary) is the only source of relief in a depressed economy.  One has only to look at comparable history and the creation of the WPA and CCC as sources of relief from the Great Depression.  Don’t forget about World War II (which was also government spending).  The same people who are being manipulated and encouraged to be wary of our government do not realize that they are being robbed blind and being placed at personal risk by multinational corporations and the wealthy.  These poorly informed Americans do not seem to understand that a healthy government relies on everyone paying their fair share in taxes.  These poorly informed Americans do not seemingly understand that government subsidies for thriving corporations no longer fuel the cultivation of jobs.  The cultural and economic American model of social and industrial symbiosis has completely changed.  The people have been abandoned and profits alone are the goal!

anger or concern?Yes, there was once a time in this nation when there was a symbiosis between the wealthy and corporations that was tied to consumers, jobs, infrastructure and the national economy.  Today, that language remains the basis for attacks on the government.  Cut taxes on the wealthy and give them subsidies so that they will reward the society with jobs, industrial infrastructure and a strong economy.  The great lie is that if you restore prior tax rates the wealthy and corporations will create jobs.  The problem is, the wealthy and large corporations are taking the benefits, but they have not participated in, or contributed to the American social good for more than a decade now.  They are taking the benefits and growing their profits abroad.  They have abandoned the people who fund their international profits with American tax dollars.  This is to say nothing of the sweeping right-wing political efforts to suppress the vote in the coming election, to break unions (which are largely democratic) and to deprive needy and elderly citizens of historical entitlements.  This may well be the most shocking and tragic time in American political history.  The goal behind it all is to secure more wealth for the nation’s power brokers.  These are the very same power brokers who fund political campaigns for their corrupt puppets in Congress who should be protecting and representing the people.

For the second time in my lifetime (the first time since Jim Crow), it is permissible to make public statements in the media that are both unfounded and blatantly racist.  Why now?  Why at this point in our history are people beginning to make so many overtly racist and vitriolic comments about the President of the United States?  Why have the limits of decorum and civility been ripped down in the media and across the political spectrum?  The answer is simple.  Negative emotion and hate are easy to personally justify.  “If we are stupid enough, we can be convinced of anything.  If we are angry enough, we can convince ourselves of anything.  And then… there is the truth”. – L. A. Walker

It is a difficult time for the nation, but imagine what it will be like if the right-wing takes the White House.  Where were the jobs under Bush?  Where are the jobs programs under this Republican Congress?  Believe me it can get worse.

So we ask him to fight!  Yes, many liberals and moderates feel as though this President has compromised and rolled over far too much.  Although I am well aware of his historic performance while President, I must admit that I too am sometimes frustrated by his public willingness to play the pragmatist and to seek compromise.  The President knows better.

President Obama is in a fight for his political life and the last thing he should have done was to do is to do something radical (like use the 14th amendment in the debt limit fight) and cause the ‘Right Wing Lunatic Fringe’ to make the charge that he usurped the Constitution.  Nor can he afford to lose his cool and spout ridiculous rhetoric like Palin, Gingrich, Bachmann and the like.  Our president is a leader and a scholar. He is going about the work of governing (with good intentions) in a system that is wrought with corruption and self-serving ego maniacs.  This system may be irretrievably broken.  Still, in spite of the nation’s continuing economic woes, we must consider all of the good that the President  has done.  Where would we be right now, if not for him…

Some may say or want to see otherwise, but President Obama is not, nor do I expect that he will ever be, an “Angry Black Man.”

Leon A. Walker

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  1. Keith Bowling permalink
    August 19, 2011 12:02 pm

    Thank you for this wonderful article! Your statement

    “Our President has endured the most hateful and vicious attacks that I have ever seen a President of the United States undergo” is so true (as is the case for the rest of the article). I’m so glad someone else said it besides me. It’s incredible how we allow people to say such hateful things to our President! In most countries, I suspect that they would be arrested or shot!

    Thank you for this wonderful article. It is something to really think about and then get off my a– and do something. Thank you!

  2. August 19, 2011 4:23 am

    I’ve heard many people say they wish President Obama would get angry and blast the racists and the obstructionist Teapublicans, but that would be a serious mistake. You clearly explain why the President must keep his cool. Mr. Walker, once again you are the voice of reason.

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