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U.S. Jobs

Welcome to the TNTalk! America Job Page. The articles presented appear to be timeless.

Naturally, it would be better if this page didn’t need to exist, especially where job outsourcing and offshoring were concerned. Why can’t political sycophants simply tell the truth? Our “favorite U.S. politicians” have thrown the U.S. citizen under the employment bus to fend for himself or herself, all in the name of freedom, expedience and corporate prosperity. After all, government thinking reasons, taking care of themselves is what free people do. They take care of themselves while the politicians run the system…perhaps into the ground. The bottom line is that Americans have made poor choices for leaders over the last two or three decades. Do Americans still have a chance? That depends very much on what you decide to do.
Imagine there’s no office. It’s easy if you try.
No cubicle around you. Above you only sky.
Imagine all the people, living for the world.
– “the prophet” John Lennon

I believe that this image of a man sitting on pavement in an effort to do his job is very telling. The image also underlines the permanence of the job market and very often, the rewards or more commonly, the exploitation of the system. What do you think?

Jib Jab Video: The Truth About American Jobs

Easy to read articles by E. Manning

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