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Jerome Corsi and Satan’s Siblings

August 20, 2008

a commentary by TNTalk! writer, Leon Walker…

Satan and his siblings remain cloaked in the shadows even as social daylight dawns, illuminating the progress realized within this society and across the political landscape of America. Jerome Corsi’s most recent depraved rant entitled “Obama Nation” has aroused significant interest on the political right and the ire of many on the left.

the poison of vader corsi

the poison of vader corsi

Having learned of Jerome Corsi’s, books, opinions, public statements and reputation over the years, it is clear that he is more than a political writer with conservative or extreme right-wing views. In my mind, he is more than any measure of a monster; he is evil. He is the epitome of “Satan” and those who “enjoy” feeding on his messages of hate, fear and his cruel lies, are no less than his siblings.

There has been significant concern during this Presidential Campaign over the obvious McCarthy-esque quality that those on the right have employed in an effort to cast a pall over a United States Senator and candidate for President of the United States. In any political campaign here can be discussions of free speech and discussions about what is or what is not acceptable with regard to wielding political influence or garnering political support. These matters are not in question. What we are seeing is an increasingly overt effort by the likes of Jerome Corsi, Karl Rove and many others, to cause Americans to obsess over imagined fears as a multi headed monster that threatens the very fabric of their lives. They shake their followers to the core with frightening tales and myths about the unknown and that which is different. Emotion leaves a mark on the mind and the psyche. From Orson Wells to Adolph Hitler, we can revisit the panic and poison that fear and anger can evoke. There are those on the extreme right who have ventured into a “very dark place” this political season and who have the means and the motivation to drive their base into an emotional frenzy which exclusively guides their politics. It is baseless, shallow, and light years beyond mean-spirited. But most of all, it is effective poison for many.

There will be those who eagerly await the opportunity to eat the flesh that the right-wing evildoers provide. They are intoxicated at an evil séance of the mind. Twisted minds will eagerly scamper forth among friends, coworkers and family members and further spread the poison that Corsi and others feed them. There are willing masses on the right who are warmed and satisfied by the anger and hatred that fuels them. All of this is accomplished in the name of preserving conservative American values and often, shocking as it may be, religion is one of the primary vessels these monsters use to poison hearts and minds of their followers.

At this point there can be no arguing that dark forces are now at work spreading a sickening plague among many conservative Americans. That traditional tactic “say anything no matter how vile or outrageous” and some will believe it, is as old as our political system itself. But now it has become a highly toxic emotional potion of fear. This nation’s conservatives have now been seemingly seduced into adopting new amended commandments of evil when considering presidential leadership:
Thou shall fear and hate educated blacks…
Thou shall fear and hate all of Islam…
Thou shall fear and hate liberals…
Thou shall fear and hate gays…
Thou shall fear and hate abortion…
Thou shall fear and hate peace…
Have I gotten this wrong or is it simply a commandment to “fear and hate” anyone who is supportive of any of the aforementioned? Can someone on the right give me some clarification here?

I am not a religious man, so I am not tied to any tradition or practice with regard to the method in which I acknowledge God. As a result it is only my assumption that today churches and religion “remain” the nucleus or often the catalyst for concepts that are generally positive and hopefully uplifting. What I believe and I am observing, from the substantial numbers of ministers who join in the chorus of those pushing the right wing fear button to the cultivation of various phobias is a coalition of subtle hate mongers.

These hate mongers use phrases like “he needs to introduce himself”; “radical Islamic extremism”; “terror”; “patriotism; “hubris and presumption”. What they are really saying is that we should be afraid of what Senator Obama might do hidden in the dark recesses of their imaginings. With base emotions, they feel Barack Obama is a really smart, but uppity black guy who has forgotten his place in society. They fear and crave that he may have a secret agenda on behalf of blacks. This sickness enforces the possibility that he is not a Christian. If that can be proven, vain imaginings say that he is Muslim and a covert terrorist sympathizer. We really don’t even know if he is American enough or if he loves his country. If none of this reasoning works in that it does not convince everyone, he is also a liberal. That alone would be grounds for the average conservative to hate him.

This is the right-wing lead story that I did not create. It is being told everyday in the media and being spread by word of mouth. All of this is being talked about across America and around the world. The only remaining question is: Are enough Americans behind the “American Ideal” or are we still limiting our choices in leadership based on phobias and manipulations? As bad as things are is anyone really paying attention?

I thought the 2004 Presidential election shockingly impacted this nation in all of the worst possible ways. The division was clear and the tension made life very uncomfortable in the nation’s religious, social and business worlds. This may have been the point at which deeper and more passionate nationalistic tendencies became blurred following the horror of 911. Horror. Emotion. Hate. These are the low tech fuels that ignite a high tech political media storm of rigid conservatism that is stained by far to many “-isms”. These are the idols that obscure the vision of many Americans beyond their ability to reason politically. But now, this campaign season we have wandered deep into the darkness. I will not be one who stands silently by and pretends this evil is not an infection that is crippling the minds of many and our society as a whole. It’s real. We need to take a long and painful look at it.

I would never allow a copy of any of Mr. Corsi’s works to be brought into my home. In fact, I would not allow myself or my children to come in contact with any such material. I truly believe that anything you undertake with evil intent or anything given, taken or shared with evil intent will summon evil upon you and your house. Nope, you won’t find me curled up in bed with a copy of that venom.

As Satan and his siblings toil in their political netherworld I prefer to imagine what a horrible curse will befall them in defeat this November.

L. A. Walker, © Leon A. Walker

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