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Sarah “Hot Lips” Palin: Pigs, Pit Bulls & Sexism

September 11, 2008

An observation about recent electoral campaign events and scuttlebutt by Leon Walker.

the impact of "hot lips"

the sexy librarian look

I view any comments about lipstick on pigs or pit bulls as politically and globally insignificant. On the other hand, let’s be creative and have some fun with this. There just may be some money in this, if we handle it correctly!

If one of the major cosmetic companies can get Palin to endorse their products, the stock in that company would probably skyrocket. Now all we have to do is figure out which cosmetic company to invest in before the deal goes public. That’s the stock market for you: the never ending guessing game. In all seriousness, the McCain Campaign had better be careful with this tactic.

A few months ago I heard a female pundit refer to Barack Obama as “hot.” I chuckled to myself and blew the comment off. I would not argue that Senator Obama is a handsome guy, but being heterosexual, his looks are not what have me leaning Democratic. I doubt he considered his looks when evaluating himself through the lens of his political aspirations.

palin supermom

sexism and protocol

There is no doubt that Governor Sarah Palin is a hottie. She’s one sexy mom. Ok. There, I said it. Even before I heard it mentioned on Larry King Live last night, I had the thought that she was quite a looker. Thank God it was a woman last evening that referred to the Palin look as the “sexy librarian.” Truthfully I had been thinking the same thing. This is to say nothing of the fact that she looks the way she does after having had five children, but I ain’t going there. The fact of the matter is I have absolutely no doubt that one powerful, beneficial, yet unspoken aspect of her image that is being totally ignored in the media is her sex appeal. I’m pretty sure it was not lost on the McCain campaign. Ya think???? Naawwwww.

There is not only a charge of sexism to contend with lately, but also those who intend only to be complimentary when making observations about some of the persons in this political race. I suppose that if you’re too close to it you might say it is inappropriate to make such comments. One might also say that since all of the players are seemingly happily married we should not suggest that they might be attractive, or heaven forbid, sexy. Here’s a news flash. People all over America are breaking the traditional rules of protocol. Established protocol is going out the window. Even those who preach the virtues of preserving traditional values have repeatedly broken the rules.

politically incorrect

upstaging the stage

You can’t believe what I have heard women say about Obama and what men are now saying about Palin. Holy Moly!!! You see, these comments are made by regular working non-politically correct folks. I find this very interesting as I have never seen such a thing in American politics before.

Actually, I find all of the wives of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates, along with Governor Palin, particularly attractive. When Cindy McCain graced the stage with Laura Bush on the first day of the Republican National Convention wearing $300,000.00 in clothing and jewelry by herself. I thought I had tuned into the future: the Academy Awards in 2050 with Paris Hilton at age 60 accepting an award. Poor Cindy was upstaged to the max. If the past ten days are any indication, Senator McCain clearly understands what it means to be upstaged as well. Cindy saw it coming so she took her best shot.

“Hot lips” has topped them all in the minds of many on the right, given that she is the vice-presidential nominee. Both men and women are drawn to her. Women are drawn into the Palin frenzy because she is a mom and because she is accomplished and attractive. Men are being drawn to the Palin magic because she is “hot.” I’m not making this up. Most every guy I have spoken to about her selection has made a comment about her looks, her figure and so have many women.

This is a good news, bad news story. You see, Governor Palin is being presented as a viable candidate for the vice-presidency of these United States of America. Should her Republican Party achieve success in shoring up her qualifications publicly and shielding her from the media, they most certainly will achieve continued success in solidifying their base and reaching some disenfranchised women.

Unfortunately, I am sensing a growing tension with regard to the many potential skeletons that seem to be coming to life in Governor Palin’s closet. This selection is still very much a high risk political roll of the dice and should the protective wheels fall off, Governor Palin could end up looking like the most historic political bimbo of the 21st century. This is to say nothing of the damage it could cause in this election and the continued ripple effect throughout the Republican Party. Not only are there holes being poked in her limited record of experience, but also her judgment in terms of “abuses of power” is already being called into question and investigated. Emails being held and protected under the disturbing claim of “executive privilege” along with questionable expenditures and payments have surfaced and been challenged.

Ms. Congeniality

Ms. Congeniality

Along with the fact that when one rises so quickly to power as Governor Palin has, there will be those who are either envious or simply entertained by her public embarrassment as a minimum. Those who would love to see “hot lips” squirm are starting to come out from under all measure of political rocks. Having said all of that, I must confess that I am nearing the point of being convinced that Governor Palin is a pretty good rookie politician. Her religious right-wing roots are unwavering and she seems pretty feisty. If you buy into the argument that both she and Senator Obama are lacking in broad experience, which is a hollow argument, then consider this possibility.

When compared Palin’s supposed experience limitations to those of Senator Obama, I predict there will be one stark contrast that makes a world of difference. One thing deserves our clear focus. Senator Obama actually planned his political path to the presidency and minimized his mistakes along the way. He did so while navigating the political snake pits of Chicago and Washington. I think we are about to see what happens when a person jumps or is unexpectedly thrown into the deep in of the world and national political pool without adequate planning or preparation. I predict that Senator McCain has made a dreadful mistake in this selection. It is what we used to call in the Navy, shooting yourself in the foot.

the palinizer

the palinizer

Now let me be clear. I am accusing Governor Palin of nothing. Of all of the things Governor Palin has been scrutinized for I have yet to see anything that is really serious surface. There are a number of both personal and professional questions that would cause me to measure her more closely because I do see a pattern developing. This pattern is not unlike the pattern that I observed as many tried to create in pointing out some of Senator Obama’s past associations. I was not swayed to abandon the Democratic Party or Senator Obama during the times of trouble that surfaced publicly earlier in this campaign season.

Alaskan Moose Lady

Alaskan Trojan Moose

There is yet nothing to suggest that the Republican base will abandon Senator McCain or especially Governor Palin unless something really negative or shocking surfaces from her past. She has not been on such a big stage before and even though she is a Governor of the nation’s least populist state; she has not operated for very long among the nation’s high powered political operatives. She has not been deeply vetted. She has not been a big league flame thrower who knew how disguise the pitches and cover her tracks. Small town Alaska and Juno are not Washington D.C. or Chicago.

I predict that when the self proclaimed “small town girl” comes (figuratively speaking) to the political big city, there are going to be some serious dues to pay for any lack of preparation. I’m talking “Triple A” versus “The Show”. Governor Palin had better be able to step up and hit the long ball time and again. For the moment she has rescued John McCain and although he is reenergized no one is paying any attention to him. Governor Palin is the star of the Republican Party and she is going to be called upon to perform late in the game. Because of timing, she is going to have to perform with bugs swarming all over her and every aspect of her life.

Pitbull Palin?

Pitbull Palin?

Competing for the vice-presidency of the United States is a high stakes game. This is a very slippery slope for a committed and ambitious Governor Palin and the stakes are “all in” for the Republican Party. Governor Palin will be made or broken forever. She’s no Ivy Leaguer. If this bid fails, her cover will be blown as she heads back to Juno or the Alaskan version of “Hooterville” for a lifetime of moose burgers with her kids grandbabies. After that, John McCain can finally start getting his naps in.

How could we have imagined that with a woman in a political battle of this magnitude we might totally avoid charges of sexism weather real, imagined or politically motivated. How could we have imagined the same would not be said in matters of race with regard to the Democratic Party Presidential Nominee? Certainly there are the pigs and pit bulls that are just simply spoken along with crafty tools of American politics.

Along with the politics and the controversy that is common to any political season, there is now a prevailing underlying sexual component that people are whispering about.? He’s hot! She’s hot! That’s what I’m hearing on the streets. I just wonder how much of the sex appeal will translate to actual votes. I also wonder how many more cries of sexism will spring forth and what will be the ultimate impact.

If ever you were in need of an explanation of the phrase: “Silly Season in Politics” now is the time to start paying attention. It could get really silly.

L. A. Walker, © Leon A. Walker

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