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A New Nation Without Gasoline

June 17, 2008

The favorite pastime of Americans is talking about fuel. We feel helpless, starved, neglected and let down. The truth is, at least in part, that we are spoiled rotten. On the Today Show last week, “President John McCain” had an idea that might be a diamond in the rough considering the current energy outlook by the nation’s Congressional global-warming surrogates.

Since saving the world from the worst disaster imaginable is now the top priority of the nation, an emergency move to alternate energy is clearly in the cards. It would seem that the sooner the painful move is made, the better. The nation has its leg caught in a bear trap of special oil interests, commodity profiteers and environmental concerns. We can shift our weight, but remain uncomfortably constrained by the reality of the bear trap.

Jim May, president of the Air Transport Association said it all at a recent Congressional hearing. “Crude oil prices today are unnecessarily high and distorted due, in large part, to market manipulation and excessive speculation.” Can electric or hydrogen-powered aircraft be far behind? John McCain implies that it could happen. Industry must be creative.

Meanwhile, commodity traders warn against hasty actions with threats of global disaster over upward spiraling prices because of new federal legislation that is bound to chase the profiteering from this country onto the world scene. Commodity brokers and traders are going to make their money, come hell or high water.

“You’re raising the cost of doing business for the people who need the futures market,” says financial genius Stephen Schork. Happily, the futures market needs us and not the other way around! Commodities brokers and the like are no better than any other American. We can just send their jobs overseas! We don’t need them around at all!

Better yet, based on John McCain’s logical strategy, Congressional surrogates can take the move a step further, using a legislative ax to cut off the bear trap that is holding the nation prisoner to the special interests of the financial realm.

America doesn’t really need oil at all. We can stop importing oil today and let the country find its way. Certainly, that might appear to be inconvenient. Think of the rewards! First, Americans will be heralded as the bravest community in the world for the environment’s sake. The world will see America once again as a land of commitment to ideals and propriety.

Big oil will lose its largest customer and the jobs that go with it. OPEC will be awash in oil. The price of fuel will fall through the floor as America pulls out of the mainstream market. Commodity brokers and agents across the board will lose their jobs or be required to go overseas to try to make a go of it. The carnage will be huge, but so worth it! America won’t be a world prisoner! This is poetic justice in play.

If tomorrow is too fast to cut off the bear trap of tyrannical special interests, our Congressional geniuses can develop a two-year mandatory deadline in the name of national security. Alternate energy technology must be accelerated because in two-years, legislation will cut oil imports by at least 80%, let’s say. The reality is that this plan is the cream of all plans because it establishes a timeline for freedom from big oil, OPEC and the tyranny of the market profiteers.

Of course, America has the option to continue to use fossil fuels by removing itself from the public market and using its’ own oil shale and every means possible to solve the energy independence problem starting today. Remember, it’s time to get tough: two years is what we get and the ax falls. That is the kind of tough love America needs.

Neither “President” has publicly acknowledged this kind of tough love yet, but with the current Congressional mood, can a little petrol tough love be far away? Are they brave enough to set limits? Perhaps, once the new president ascends the throne, he can create a real plan for change and hope. Think of the new jobs and industries that would be generated. Think of the new prosperity as industry kicked in high gear to meet the need. This could be the renaissance of new North American authority and prosperity, all in the name of environmental purity, independence and national security.

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  1. June 17, 2008 6:19 pm

    The TRUTH IS…..We are being manipulted by BIG OIL!

    Do we have S T U P I D written on our foreheads?

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