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Despite Hurricane, Protest & Riot at Republican Convention

September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav was in the air along with pain of the GOP Convention. Combined with the distraction of Labor Day and the perils of Gustav, the GOP Convention was scaled back, losing its full punch of publicity. One news item that was largely overlooked was the protest march and ensuing riot. These protesters and police clashed in the vicinity of the Republican Convention where a rally of 10,000 marched. Police in riot gear battled hundreds of protesters with pepper spray and smoke bombs, arresting more than 100 people.

Reuters reported that protesters, some hiding their faces with white masks, black kerchiefs and Muslim garb  smashed shop windows, overturned garbage cans and vandalized police cars, even pushing a flaming dumpster into a car with police in it.

The protesters were a flotsam of supporters of various causes ranging from political sign pushers to war opposition.  Obviously, the unrest and contention in America doesn’t reside only in the Democratic Party. ~ E. Manning

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